Hochstadt school crossing guard calls for discipline

At the invitation of the mayor, the city’s school crossing volunteers came together for their end-of-year celebration. In the city, a total of 23 school crossing helpers are currently on duty at the two important crossings at vogelseck and in albrecht-durer-strabe in etzelskirchen.
Jurgen schmeiber, head of the hochstadt police department, gunter thaler and siegfried nurnberger from the traffic police and responsible for the school crossing helpers, as well as representatives of the sponsors sparkasse and raiffeisen-volksbank were also present.
School transport services have been a successful response for decades to the dangers of accidents that schools can encounter on their way to school.
Mayor gerald brehm (JL) emphasized in his funeral that a large part of the helpers themselves had not had children of school age for a long time, but were very happy to continue this responsible and honorary activity.
Jurgen schmeiber particularly emphasized the importance of volunteerism. "Voluntary work and social commitment are the lifeblood of our society. Without volunteerism, many things in our society would no longer be possible."
Turning to the school crossing helpers, he continued: "every morning, they are at the places where the smallest children are, and they make a really important contribution to traffic safety there." The head of the police inspection also thanked the long-serving head of the traffic police and responsible and committed employee of the police station in hochstadt, siegfried nurnberger. Schmeiber said: "you are still at this work after your retirement and motivate people for this important task."
Siegfried nurnberger introduced his successor gunter thaler. Nurnberger put the accent on further improving cooperation with the anthon wolker school and recruiting more parents as school crossing helpers.

The fact that schoolchildren can increasingly be deployed to ensure traffic safety on the way to school is also thanks to the very committed traffic teacher at the middle school, gunter dalles.
The school crossing helpers, who stand at the vogelseck every morning, complained that too many schoolchildren, sometimes even accompanied by adults, were using the crossing in front of the paracelsius pharmacy, which is not part of the safe route to school.
Sometimes they even forget to push the bike across the crossing, as children are taught in traffic education. This bad example is causing great harm to the smallest and creating additional dangers.
It could be proudly pointed out that there had not yet been any accidents on the way to school at the protected crossings. This proud record is being called into question by the aforementioned indiscipline.
Ilse sacher and ilona zieger were presented with a gift for their ten years of successful work as school crossing helpers.

joyful parishioners celebrated margarethenkarmes

"First things come differently and secondly than one thinks …" Wilhelm busch once printed it like this. The sentence was fitting for the numerous worshipers of the margarethenkarmes in robfeld, it was fitting for the churchwardens who managed a rough service, and it was fitting for pastor meyer zu horste, now new as guest pastor, who had been looking forward to this service and had prepared it wonderfully. She wanted to leave neustadt at 1 p.M. So that she would be there in time for the service at 2 p.M. The situation was, however, that the service was already scheduled for 1 p.M., forcing two church leaders to make spontaneous interludes. Whereby … They did not feel forced, but developed an extremely creative potential. First the guests were allowed to listen to the wonderful sound of the bells for minutes, then a small organ concert by sonja putz, sovereignly ina reumann began the introduction and was in top form, the song board brought with the gospel "siyahamba" the first song of the evening the nave of the church was shaking, and certainly continued to do so for hours with great and visible enthusiasm. Prayer, reading and the ship called the congregation sailed back and forth in the harbor.

Just in time for the sermon, the pastor stood in front of the applauding congregation and was simply delighted that her pulpit address, which dealt with gifts, talents and each other, almost became a self-runner.
Around the church the festival continued happily, all the shady places were booked out in the scorching heat, the robfeld musicians kept the visitors in good spirits as always, while the youngest guests preferred paddling pool and boat. There were three winners in a quiz prepared by pastor meyer zu horste about the upcoming church board elections. The new KV candidates also introduced themselves and were asked three joke questions, which they answered in a cool and relaxed manner.
It was a good day, in the evening it was only a small pile when cleaning up, but the feeling that you have a lot of possibilities, if you tackle it together, can’t be compared with anything in the world. Sonja putz

Barn ablaze with flames

On wednesday evening, the roof truss of a barn was completely destroyed by fire. What finally triggered the fire is not known at the moment. In the meantime, the wurzburg criminal investigation department has taken over further investigations.
In the johann-eck-strabe, the owners of the directly adjacent residential building had a fire at about 18.45 o’clock a loud blow perceived. When they looked outside, they saw sparks flying from the barn. The roof structure was ablaze just a short time later. In the aftermath, a large contingent of several fire brigades with almost 100 men arrived, who had the fire under control relatively quickly. Nevertheless, it could not be prevented that the roof truss of the barn burned down completely together with a photovoltaic system mounted on it.
In the barn there were numerous machines.

The extent to which these machines were damaged by the fire has not yet been determined.
The town center of hopferstadt is currently (21.30 o’clock) still blocked. In the meantime, officers of the criminal investigation department of the wurzburg police have begun their investigations on the spot. It is not yet possible to say whether the fire was caused by a storm that was raging at the time.

Safe winter helmets for the whole family

For many bundesburgers, a winter vacation with the whole family is a special highlight of the year that many look forward to long in advance. When preparing for a trip in the snow, a few things should be taken into account, first and foremost the issue of safety. It is important to take care of the right equipment in time.

Helmet and skis must fit

A helmet, for example, is indispensable for everyone. The right example is available from the specialist dealer. The helmet must fit tightly on the head, but at the same time must not print. In addition, the ski goggles must match the helmet: the helmet should be flush with the goggles in the forehead area so that neither cold nor snow can penetrate.
After a serious fall, the helmet should be replaced, as its protective function is likely to be impaired. But even without an accident, stability and functionality deteriorate due to material degradation. Experts therefore recommend that helmets be replaced every three to five years. The risk of injury can also be significantly reduced by wearing back and torso protectors, which are available in a number of different variations. Especially for children, it is important that they learn to ski with the right skis.
Because children grow from season to season and the ski that fit last year may be too small this year.

Spab should be in the foreground for children

Number of complaints about annoying advertising calls has dropped

Advertising calls and telephone rip-offs have apparently annoyed the people of bundesburg less so far this year. The number of complaints to the federal network agency in the area of telecommunications has fallen sharply.

In the first six months of this year, just under 76.000 consumer complaints received, a good 39.000 fewer than in the same period the year before, as the federal network agency told the german press agency. The bonn authority is responsible for combating the misuse of telephone numbers.

Wild boar roasts spurred on

In many areas of human life, climate change is becoming more and more noticeable. Even in the field of hunting, this has been proven by the year that has ended, he was to trace with serious effects.

Deer in particular suffered this year and the prolonged drought, and after having to travel quite long distances in search of water, there were many deer accidents. Yes, it even went so far that animals could be observed on the straw, as they licked up the morning dew.

The climate warming affects especially the hunting of wild boar. Because if there is no snow, it is difficult to track the sows and to determine their locations. Also with the bejagung itself the "female background" is missing, in front of which the black deer stands out with its dark rind. In order to keep the wild boar population at a yielding level, it is necessary to hunt for many hours.

Now the power can freely fly

The new parish community of wiesentheid, stadelschwarzach and kirchschonbach could be seen on sunday in the st. Mauritius church in wiesentheid see and traces. Many altar boys from all three parishes, choir leaders, musicians, mesners, lectors, organists, senior leaders, scouts, liturgists, church administrators and, last but not least, many faithful from all three parishes were present.
It could not have been more fitting for the spiritual than the song "ein haus voll glorie schaute" ("a house full of glory looked") being allowed to enter the fully occupied parish church. Next to the host and now "boss out of ten gotteshausers, pastor peter gottke, domkapitular christoph warmuth was a special guest on sunday in wiesentheid, who also acted as main celebrant.
Gottke recalled that the parish community has existed and been lived for a long time. The first cooperations took place as early as 2005. Since october 2011, he has officially been pastor of the parishes of stadelschwarzach and kirchschonbach. "Today is also the day of the legal act of erection", he explained. "To ensure that everything is correct on paper, too." He described the official act as a sign of a new beginning and of a community that is growing ever closer together.
At the beginning of the service, domkapitular war-muth handed over the official charter of the diozese of wurzburg, signed by bishop friedhelm hofmann, to the three parish council chairmen sabine halbritter (wiesentheid), michaela schafferhans (stadelschwarzach) and bernd reitwiesner (kirchschonbach).
Different members of the three parishes filled together a glass balloon with water. "Just as the water mixes in the balloon, life in the new parish community should also mix and bring much strength", gottke wished.

Many joint projects

The growing community is already evident in more and more joint projects and activities. An example: the choir "venimus under the direction of johanna neuerer, with members from all three parishes singing. For the first time this year, fronleichnam was also celebrated together with a service in the schoolyard prichsenstadt.
"I am sure that we will succeed", said domkapitular warmuth at the end of the festive service.
The initiative for an ecclesiastical community of wiesentheid, stadelschwarzach and kirchschonbach came years ago from the wurzburg diocese, not least because of the problem of the shortage of priests. A contract on the cooperation had to be worked out in advance. In addition to pastor gottke, deacon karl leierseder, sister margit from the marienhaus kirchschonbach and the respective parish councils were very active here. In addition to the division of the services, when which parish is visited by the pastor, it is also regulated, among other things, what the parish community organizes and carries out together and what will continue to be carried out by each parish alone.

The salt of the earth and the light of the world

The cathedral chapter thomas teuchgraber, who was born in lichtenfels and grew up in staffelstein, gave the consecration in the "heilige familie" parish church in the context of a festive service with concelebration of pastor roland neher of the parish "our dear lady, pastor george thottankara of the "holy family" parish and the islinger pastor henryk chelkowski 56 young people of the pastoral area bernhard von clervaux the sacrament of confirmation. The confirmands had been prepared for this important event in their lives over the course of half a year by pastoral advisor thomas reich, who also provided musical accompaniment for the service with the band unikat.
Teuchgraber spoke in his sermon about the spirit of god that should descend on the confirmands through the laying on of hands and the anointing with chrisam, so that they can be salt of the earth and light of the world according to the motto of the confirmation preparation. The anointing and thus also the confirmation should not only be a simple event, it should rather get under the skin, just as jesus once addressed and impressed his young people, so that they got under their skin and followed him.
The clergyman also expressed the hope that the sponsors would not only stand behind the young people during confirmation, but that they would also support them later in life.

Alfred thieret

More cashless payments in germany and europe

According to the ECB, 134 billion payments were made in the european union last year without the use of shines and coins – 7.9 percent more than a year earlier. More than half (52 percent) were card payments.

In germany, cashless payments increased by around 3 percent to more than 21 billion. The bundesbank’s conclusion: "the results of the payment traffic statistics for 2017 show that payment traffic is becoming more digital and more european."

Great show with

The quota was right – until well after midnight. There ran the blue boys as smurfs. The crazy dancers took the audience with luminous costumes into the world of the aliens. And the ladies of the ATS wartenfels came as kuhe – in spotted costumes and danced that it was a feast for the eyes. Heidi (markus tempel) and a marchenprinz (marco oertel) as well as three wild bulls, who were not stingy with their charms, provided real firecrackers at the cow dance.


The highlights were of course once again provided by the "gebruder pfarr, for they took a close look at the local scene – and made for real bruisers. Many a church secret was revealed.