Germany takes in at least 182 threatened Afghans

"I think that’s only fair and that’s only decent," said acting federal interior minister hans-peter friedrich (CSU) on tuesday in berlin. The local forces, who among other things work as translators for the german armed forces, fear acts of revenge by the taliban after the end of the nato combat mission.

Initially, only 23 "directly threatened" afghans had been offered the chance to leave for germany. The criteria were expanded at the beginning of the month, so that now 159 "latently threatened" local forces were also allowed to enter germany. Some more cases are still being examined. According to the federal ministry of the interior, a total of 300 afghans have turned to their services with security concerns.

Rossach clubbers celebrated with adam hlousek

Rossach – optimism – that's what a real club fan like gunther kunkel always needs. 30 years ago he founded the fan club "rossach and surroundings" co-founded out of a hometable. His love for the "club but is still much older. Since his school days, kunkel has been a fan of the 1. FCN. "A real club fan goes through all the highs and lows of his club", says kunkel.
The people from rossach have had to experience many relegations – once even to the third league, the absolute low point for the FCN – but at least they have also experienced many promotions as a result. What sticks? Kunkel fondly remembers a game in the 90s in nurnberg against st. Pauli, which ended 5:3, or a game in berlin, which the club won 5:1. Even today, he is still troubled by serious mistakes, such as in a game against bielefeld, when the referee allowed a completely irregular goal. A goal that ultimately cost the club its place in the league.
Of course, the fan club is also a great place for socializing. "We do a lot, we don't just go to the stadium in nuremberg", says the founding member. In addition, the people of rossach meet for a get-together – it is clear that the FCN is the number one topic. The club owes a lot to former chairman karl schultheib, who brought many well-known players and coaches (such as dieter eckstein, thomas brunner and jorg dittwar) to rossach in his "house bar" have fetched. "Players to touch" he has experienced and learned many a piece of information at first hand.

Hlousek feels good
On the occasion of the anniversary – which was celebrated on the village square under the patronage of mayor udo siegel (CSU) – the people of rossach received a "distinguished visitor": adam hlousek, who played at the 1. The FCN, which wears the number 23, was among the guests. " I feel very comfortable in nurnberg", said the czech, who was badly affected by injuries last year. Hlousek gladly fulfilled the numerous autograph requests of the fans. Klaus schramm (chairman of the supervisory board) and fan representatives jurgen bergmann and carl teplitzky were also available to answer fans' questions.
Udo siegel reminded the audience that the fan club is not only about the "fascination of soccer" but also does a lot for the village community. "The club friends have experienced many highs and lows", said the mayor. And he also knew: "a true club friend never gives up."

Also involved in the village
During the presentation of writer margitta fischer it became clear that the club friends have a big heart for children. For example, numerous charity matches were held in aid of the soccer school of TSV rossach and the kindergarten in grobheirath. Fischer praised the acting chairman hans dieter lieb, who continued karl schultheib's work with great success.
"We are very proud of our fan clubs", stressed klaus schramm, chairman of the supervisory board of the FCN. In the coming season, the goal is to stay in the league and grow slowly but steadily. "For rapid growth, the 1. FC nurnberg does not have the necessary means", emphasized schramm. He pointed out with pride, however, that the association was debt-free. The club's management is satisfied with the team and the work of coach michael wiesinger: "the decision to rely on our own people was the right one." The chairwoman of the fan association, claudia marsching, presented the rossachers with a match ball bearing the original autographs of all the players.
Fan advisor carl teplitzky praised the camaraderie of all FCN fan clubs. This also includes supporting club members damaged by floods. FCN wants to break the 15,000-member mark soon with advertising campaigns. Mst

Further kicking with kickers-sg

The youth of the second division soccer team greuther furth were guests at TSV neudrossenfeld for a family afternoon on the weekend. The meeting for boys and girls up to the age of 13 who are enthusiastic about soccer was held there for the first time. But not for the last time, the organizers of both clubs agree. Further partnership projects are already planned.
Highlights of the event were the guest games of the E- and F-youth of spvgg greuther furth against the newly founded kickers-SG, which besides TSV neudrossenfeld also includes TSV trebgast and TSV harsdorf. The young players of spvgg greuther furth showed a combination ball worth seeing.
E-youth coach jurgen lattacher reveals why: "we train three times a week. Two team training sessions and one individual training session, where a lot of emphasis is placed on technique and the basics such as passing, playing and stopping. Our boys are highly disciplined and always attentive. Interpersonal relations and respect for older people are also very important to us."

Expanding the partnership

TSV chairman gerald weinrich was satisfied with the action: "our people put in a lot of effort, both in setting up the game stations and in tasting the food. Everyone had their "spab, he says.
Weinrich had also talked to those responsible for the further and planned further joint projects: "we will once or twice again provide the children at a home game of the greuther furth bundesliga team and send our youth coaches to furth to observe there." He also wants to make contact with the junior sports center to plan joint tournaments. Weinrich is enthusiastic about the partnership: "it’s quite an experience when we get to see the future professionals."
For the chairman of the kickers-SG, hans weib, it was also a successful afternoon: "the spectators got to see many goals. But the children of our SG held up very well and everyone had a great time. Our kids were very proud to play against spvgg greuther furth.

I was also very pleased with the friendly relationship that developed between the children, the supervisors and the officials of the bundesliga team."

Gate wall and can pushing

Not only did the youngsters enjoy the youth games, they also had fun at the individual stations. There were, among other things, goalmouth scrambles, free kicks and penalty kicks. The latter was played by TSV neudrossenfeld’s state league keeper tobias gruner.
Seven-year-old julian mayer from SV mistelgau particularly enjoyed the goal wall shooting, while nine-year-old konrad mayer from TSC mainleus preferred to shoot one free kick after the other. With margarete weib, a girl was also present at the family afternoon. She particularly enjoyed pushing cans. 50 children took part in the course competition with goal wall pushing, eleven-meter pushing, ball holding, dribbling and shot strength test. The best result was achieved by felix seidler from the host kickers-SG, who scored 47 points.

union: 50:50 chance of agreement at neckermann.en

According to management, today is the last chance," said bernhard schiederig, secretary of the union, in frankfurt on tuesday. "The chances are 50:50."

The fight is on to reduce the number of jobs by 1,380 as far as possible under the terms of a social contract. The mail-order company, which is controlled by US financial investor sun capital and has around 2,400 jobs nationwide, plans to close its own textiles business and its central warehouse in frankfurt. Catalog business had recently slumped so rapidly that successes from online retailing were eaten up.

1000 years of zeil - gift of a millennium

If there’s one place to celebrate a town anniversary, it’s in the old town of zeil. Historic buildings, half-timbered houses and cobbled streets provided a fitting backdrop for a festival that not only attracted attention from zeil, but also from the neighboring communities and even the free state of bavaria. Thousands of visitors came, although the weather on saturday was not quite cooperating.

The bavarian minister of justice winfried bausback (CSU) came to the 1000-year celebration with numerous activities, exhibitions, music, demonstrations and special offers for all age groups, spread over the old town and adjacent streets. He attended the official opening on saturday afternoon and then went on a tour with mayor thomas stadelmann (SPD) and district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU), which made it clear that history comes alive here. A city is proud of its 1000 years, which, however, did not only bring joyful events to the burghers, but also difficult times.

Bausback praised zeil as a "beautiful city". He congratulated the people on the 1000 years and what they have made of their community in about 40 generations. "It is a great celebration to be able to celebrate 1000 years", said the 52-year-old state politician from aschaffenburg. "Zeil is a home."

Afd cancels nrw party conference: event in danger

North rhine-westphalia afd cancels state party conference planned for this weekend. At the meeting in wiehl near koln, among other things, a successor was to be elected for the ex-state chairman marcus pretzell, who had left the party.

The afd justified the cancellation with safety concerns. There had been "massive and militant threats against the participants and guests of the party conference".

Otto scheer: a life for the club

None of those who knew him could quite believe it: on thursday, otto scheer from mursbach, one of the most dedicated supporters of the 1. FC nurnberg. In all areas of society, from the fans in the stadium to the media to political circles and even among the clergy, "der otto" represented the best of the best, as he was called everywhere, his ideals of club loyalty and sports comradeship transcended all other boundaries with cordiality and fubball understanding.

Born in 1944 on a farm in today’s wiesen district of bad staffelstein, otto scheer was supposed to become a priest. But the latin school did not fill him, his world was already coarser, and his heart beat for the "club". Together with eight other like-minded people, scheer founded the club on 1. November 1976 the "FCN-fanclub wiesen und umgebung" and thus began a success story like no other. Whether the 1. FC nurnberg in the fubball bundesliga – up or down – for the wiesen fan club there was always only one direction: upward. Otto scheer remained chairman until his death, and not only his deputy ottmar kerner is sure: "we’ll never find anyone like him."

The crowd of supporters at the obermain grew and grew and today the club with more than 1000 members was allowed to be the strongest fan club of the 1. FC nurnberg its. Including many celebrities such as mayors and district councils, deputies, pastors and bishops, and even karl-theodor zu guttenberg remains loyal to the club in faraway america. Whether he was thus within a rough distance of the "center is not sure, because the FCN fan club wiesen and surroundings has members all over the world – on the balkans and in asia and in the german neighboring countries anyway. Hardly anyone who did not love to be infected.

The best thing for a humorist is to have grown up in a small town, otto reutter is said to have said once. When jan burdinski said this in presseck, he could be sure that everyone in the audience nodded in agreement, at least internally. Especially since the director of the “frankischer theatersommer the first presentation of his literary variete with texts and songs of the berlin humorist a little off the beaten track of cultural events gave.

Otto reutter came from gardelegen in saxony-anhalt, a sprawling little town with 36 inhabitants per square kilometer – statistically just three more than presseck. Nevertheless, the small, fat otto pfutzenreuter from the provinces became one of the greats of 1920s cabaret, who finally managed the "wintergarten" all by himself in berlin, the then coarse variete theater with 1700 square meters, fullte.

Otto reutter was not a crude newer artist. He followed the mainstream, as it is called today. Before the first world war, like many others, he drummed up support for the fight against the enemy in so-called war revues. When his son fell at verdun in 1916, he fell silent.

Freeway ban also in Franconia?

The german environmental aid association (DUH) has filed a lawsuit against the state of baden-wurttemberg in order to ban diesel vehicles from driving in freiburg. Only on thursday, the administrative court in gelsenkirchen ordered a no-driving zone in essen, which includes the busy autobahn 40, following a lawsuit filed by DUH. This means that the number of stretches of road closed to diesel vehicles continues to rise. Franconia is not an air paradise either: excessive nitrogen oxide levels are measured not far from the A 73 motorway. Especially around the frankenschnellweg in nurnberg. Could a piece of highway also become a no-go zone for diesel drivers in franconia??

Limit value at 40 micrograms

The affected section in essen cuts through a residential area, with houses only a few meters from the roadway. In 2017, an annual average nitrogen dioxide value of 50 micrograms per cubic meter ( µ g/m 3 ) was measured at this location. According to the 39. Federal immission control ordinance since 2010 but only 40 micrograms.

The conditions in nurnberg are similar: the measuring point "von-der-tann-strabe" is located only about one kilometer south of the frankenschnellweg. Yesterday, the peak value during the day was quite high at 91 µ g/m 3.

First lecture at the future kulmbach campus

The first knowledge to be imparted on the planned campus in kulmbach will be various forms of therapy for weight reduction. Around 30 students found their way to the former administration villa of the kulmbach spinning mill despite the wintry weather conditions. The interest in the subject seems to be great, as can be seen from the many interjections and questions from the students.

Within the framework of the master’s degree program in food and health sciences the university of bayreuth is holding a two-day block seminar this weekend. So this can be seen as the first university event at the campus kulmbach. Gitta hentschel is a certified nutritionist. As a guest lecturer, she will be teaching the master’s students on fridays primarily about the correct forms of nutrition for obesity or diseases such as diabetes.

"The course of studies has a rough proximity to the new faculty, therefore it has offered itself to organize this seminar in kulmbach", says elisabeth schorling, research associate at the institute for medical management and health sciences at the university of bayreuth. For the two days she is with on site and direct contact for the organizational.