Countdown for the kulmbach beer week is running

Festival host fritz rather had a nightmare these days: it’s beer week – and the tent is empty. In all likelihood, that won’t be the case, reassured markus stodden, spokesman for the board of kulmbacher brewery, as one of the two organizers at the beer tapping ceremony.

After more than a decade, stodden has enough experience of beer festivals – unlike his two colleagues on the board, jorg lehmann and otto zejmon, who are still fresh in their jobs. "Who has not yet participated in the beer week, has not really been in kulmbach", the mayor of kulmbach, henry schramm (CSU), was also the second organizer of the event.

One person who has been involved in many beer weeks is gunter limmer, who first took part as festival host in 1974. He is now 74 years old – and he still enjoys it, as he emphasized yesterday.

20 years after the ice disaster: commemoration in eschede

The steps down to the grove of 101 cherry trees and to the memorial plaque with the many names: it is a difficult walk for the victims of the accident and their relatives at the memorial service in eschede on this sunday. Some wipe their faces.

Exactly 20 years after the ICE disaster in the small town in the luneburg heath, survivors, relatives of victims and helpers at the time meet again. On the board next to the bridge into which the train crashed at the time, the names of all the dead are written with place and date of birth: married couples with and without children, infants with their mothers, young and old.

101 people died and 88 passengers were seriously injured in the worst rail accident in german history. On 3. June 1998 shortly before 11 a.M., intercity express 884 "wilhelm conrad rontgen" derailed in the lower saxony community and crashed into the concrete bridge at speed 200.

world breastfeeding week: mothers have the wish to breastfeed - but reality looks different

Blissfully sucking babies. Proudly smiling moms. Soft light.Selfies of breastfeeding mothers are now commonplace in social media. It seems that for today's generation of moms, giving breast is the most normal thing in the world. Supermodels and stars have led the way in sharing private moments online. It has even given rise to its own catchphrase: #brelfie, a mix of selfie and breastfeeding, as breastfeeding is called in english. But is the impression from the net correct – is there actually less milk powder in the bottle??

Mother know – breastfeeding is good for the infant

Experts say there is a wide gap between breastfeeding wishes and breastfeeding practice. "It is well known that breastfeeding is good for children. Many women start breastfeeding", says the breastfeeding representative of the german midwives association, aleyd von gartzen, ahead of world breastfeeding week (2). Until 8. October). Then there is the crux of the matter: many mothers often stop breastfeeding after a few weeks, says von gartzen. Studies prove this, but some of the surveys were conducted a long time ago.

The world health organization (WHO), on the other hand, recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months and then a combination of breastfeeding and complementary feeding until the baby is two years old. Breastfeeding can go on for longer if desired. Breast milk is now considered the optimal food for infants and essential for bonding between mother and child. Both sides benefit in terms of health: for example, the baby's risk of infectious diseases, allergies and asthma is reduced. Breastfeeding can reduce risk of breast and ovarian cancer in mothers.

Helios clinic returns to normal operations

Since last friday, the helios hospital in volkach has been gradually preparing for a return to normal operations and is once again offering elective treatments for patients.

Helios has developed an overarching concept that is being applied in all 86 clinics in germany, according to the press release. It regulates, for example, the distance in patient rooms and other clinic areas. In addition, a traffic light system has been established to mark the individual clinic areas.

In the green area, all "risk-free" visitors are welcome patients treated who have a negative covid test or come to the clinic with no symptoms and an unremarkable medical history. Patients at increased risk of covid infection are cared for in the yellow area of the clinic. Patients with unclear diagnosis are located here. In this area, single rooms and isolation measures are provided until a negative test result is obtained. Red areas of the clinic are reserved exclusively for the treatment of covid-19 patients.

More green, more 'air': nordhalben wants to upgrade its town center

Preparatory studies (VU) and some resolutions were part of the community council meeting. Stefanie birke, building office and city planning department nordhalben, gave a brief overview of the projects currently underway, such as nordhalben village, the polytec site (feasibility study, investigation of contaminated sites), neue gasse 46 (minor details still missing), roseninsel 30 (demolition, but land not as rough as planned), kronacher str. 7 (feasibility study), bahnhofstr. 11 (purchase, danger of collapse), lobensteiner str. 10 (hall weibes lamm, we reported earlier), kronacher str. 26 (to be demolished; problem, because it is partly used as a retaining wall), areal hertel (currently appraised). The projects kronacher str. 1, schlobbergstr. 9 and schwedengasse 3 + 5 are dormant.

More and more vacancies

Peter kuchenreuther from the office kuchenreuther architekten from marktredwitz went into the current situation especially of the town center of nordhalben. The main problem is the constant increase of vacant and threatened by short- to medium-term vacancy residential buildings. The town center is characterized by stately buildings along kronacher strabe and lobensteiner strabe with ensembles of sandstone buildings and traditional slate roofing. But a negative aspect here is the high degree of sealing in the town center. Along the two main streets, efforts should be made to preserve the visual axes and rows of houses as far as possible. In the adjacent side streets, however, reconstruction could be an important means of "airing out" the area into the neighborhoods that are often densely populated with adjoining buildings.

More reasons. Surface unsealing is also important on the two main streets to increase the attractiveness of the area. These urban development problems have already been addressed through various measures within the framework of the northeast bavaria challenge initiative. Through the VU, the market town of nordhalben wants to examine, against the background of the existing situation, the extent to which the town center in particular can be upgraded through various measures (enhancement of the public space, loosening of the building structure, and elimination or revitalization of vacant buildings). Whereby a jerky construction is not to be judged negatively from the outset. The buildings must be considered in detail.

Kaiserslautern third again: 2-1 at ingolstadt

Behind them follow equal points karlsruher SC, union berlin and FC st. Pauli. Simon zoller (32./64.) turned the tide for lautern after ingolstadt’s lead through moritz hartmann (18.). The bavarians remain in the danger zone of the 2. League and still occupy 14th place. The teams in places 13 to 17 are separated only by goal difference.

Kaiserslautern coach kosta runjaic was overjoyed after ingolstadt’s final offensive: "we finally made up for a deficit and turned it into a win. With these unfortunate defeats in series, the victory was very important," said runjaic on TV channel sky.

Bacteria in sausage: what are listeria and how dangerous are they??

The authorities justify the ban on sales and the recall of meat products from the sieber company with the suspicion of listeria.

What are listeria?
You can’t see them, yet listeria in food can cause significant harm to sick people and children. The dangerous rod-shaped bacteria that have now been found in the sausage of a company in upper bavaria occur frequently in nature – for example in compost, in the soil and on plants. Animal and plant products can be contaminated by both faecal and environmental sources.

What foods can be affected?
Contamination of food with listeria can occur at various stages of production and processing. Raw animal products such as minced meat, sushi and raw milk cheese are particularly at risk. Because processing contaminated raw materials does not always kill the bacteria: listeria are very resistant. They can withstand both freezing and drying. Boiling, frying, sterilizing and pasteurizing, on the other hand, safely kills the bacteria.

Nature is the trend

It is no longer the endless trips to spectacular theme parks that are the most popular with children from the administrative community of wiesentheid during the vacation pass. At the meeting of the helpers and responsible persons, josef laudenbach, who is responsible for the VG, emphasized that there is "a trend towards nature". Offers such as "experience nature" or "hike and barbecue" were usually fully booked.

Mysterious evening

The places for building bird nesting boxes or for the "mysterious bat evening", which will be offered again next year, are also in great demand. Local events are preferred to long journeys. "We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, these things only happen once a year, and the children look forward to them," said laudenbach.

Only spectators in gottingen:darts-emohnedeutsche

Gottingen (dpa) – the german darts pros around top athlete max hopp missed the next home european championship and have to watch in the next days in gottingen.

Especially for hopp this is a heavy blow, he had reached the semifinals the year before and had only just failed against the later champion james wade from england. In the european order of merit, the best 32 professionals qualify for the tournament; "the maximiser" hopp currently ranks only 37th. Other professionals like gabriel clemens (rank 50) or martin schindler (rank 95) missed the gottingen-ticket even more clearly.