Flight ban for boeing jets: tui expects profit slump

The flight bans for boeing’s medium-haul 737 max jet are thwarting the already capped profit plans of global travel group tui.

Because the company has to rent replacement aircraft in series, tui chief executive fritz joussen expects significant losses for the current fiscal year through the end of september. In the end, operating profit could slump by more than a quarter, the travel group announced in hanover.

Investors on the stock exchange anticipated the slump in profits. The tui share price fell by more than ten percent in london this morning and was recently down by a good eight percent. Since the beginning of the year, the share has lost more than one-third of its value.

The advantages of a home office

The corona safety inspections pose new challenges for commuters who now work from their own four walls. The children are at home, want to be employed. The computer monitor is much smaller than in the office. Instead of direct contact with employees and customers, it’s one phone call after another. But working in a home office also has advantages – and not just in the wallet.

Shift plan in the study

It usually takes karina brock 40 minutes to travel the 25 kilometers from buckenhof to the editorial office of the frankischer tag in hochstadt. But because the kindergarten is closed, she and her husband christian take care of the two children in their apartment at home. "He works from home, just like me. There’s a table in the bedroom that we now use as a shelf", says brock. This saves them around 100 euros in fuel costs per month.

"The equipment in the editorial office is more comfortable. I miss my two rough screens", she says. The brocks divide their improvised workplace into shifts: "one cooks dinner and looks after the children, while the other can work in the meantime, karina explains.

Fifagerat under pressure - zwanziger wants investigation

The explosive topic of qatar only appears under item twelve on the agenda for the FIFA executive meeting on thursday and friday – behind beachsoccer and various junior world championships.

However, the world soccer association has long since stopped talking down the mountain of problems surrounding the controversial 2022 world cup. The small gulf state faces new accusations of human rights violations. The possible postponement to the winter months continues to occupy those responsible and has even prompted the german soccer league (DFL) to take action.

But the focus is on the inhumane conditions on the world cup construction sites, which, according to the british newspaper "guardian," have cost the lives of 44 nepalese guest workers alone in just two months. Former DFB president theo zwanziger is the first high-ranking FIFA official to call for an investigation by the world governing body’s ethics committee. "In the overall complex of qatar, this is another point of view that had to prompt the FIFA ethics committee with mr. Garcia and mr. Eckert to carefully investigate the world cup award to qatar," zwanziger, who is considered a clear opponent of the world cup, told the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung" (saturday).

Wild boar roasts spurred on

In many areas of human life, climate change is becoming more and more noticeable. Even in the field of hunting, this has been proven by the year that has ended, he was to trace with serious effects.

Deer in particular suffered this year and the prolonged drought, and after having to travel quite long distances in search of water, there were many deer accidents. Yes, it even went so far that animals could be observed on the straw, as they licked up the morning dew.

The climate warming affects especially the hunting of wild boar. Because if there is no snow, it is difficult to track the sows and to determine their locations. Also with the bejagung itself the "female background" is missing, in front of which the black deer stands out with its dark rind. In order to keep the wild boar population at a yielding level, it is necessary to hunt for many hours.