Otto scheer: a life for the club

None of those who knew him could quite believe it: on thursday, otto scheer from mursbach, one of the most dedicated supporters of the 1. FC nurnberg. In all areas of society, from the fans in the stadium to the media to political circles and even among the clergy, "der otto" represented the best of the best, as he was called everywhere, his ideals of club loyalty and sports comradeship transcended all other boundaries with cordiality and fubball understanding.

Born in 1944 on a farm in today’s wiesen district of bad staffelstein, otto scheer was supposed to become a priest. But the latin school did not fill him, his world was already coarser, and his heart beat for the "club". Together with eight other like-minded people, scheer founded the club on 1. November 1976 the "FCN-fanclub wiesen und umgebung" and thus began a success story like no other. Whether the 1. FC nurnberg in the fubball bundesliga – up or down – for the wiesen fan club there was always only one direction: upward. Otto scheer remained chairman until his death, and not only his deputy ottmar kerner is sure: "we’ll never find anyone like him."

The crowd of supporters at the obermain grew and grew and today the club with more than 1000 members was allowed to be the strongest fan club of the 1. FC nurnberg its. Including many celebrities such as mayors and district councils, deputies, pastors and bishops, and even karl-theodor zu guttenberg remains loyal to the club in faraway america. Whether he was thus within a rough distance of the "center is not sure, because the FCN fan club wiesen and surroundings has members all over the world – on the balkans and in asia and in the german neighboring countries anyway. Hardly anyone who did not love to be infected.

authorities exonerate hsv pro jatta: passport genuine

In the turmoil surrounding bakery jatta from hamburger SV, there are signs of a possible turnaround. Two days before the cup match of the fubball-second league team the doubts about the identity of the offensive player have decreased.

The bremen interior department informed the "hamburger abendblatt" about details of jatta’s entry into the country. The gambian arrived in germany in the summer of 2015 without a valid passport. After that he is said to have applied for a passport in his home country, which was sent to germany by mail. This bears the date of issue 27. January 2016.

The authenticity of the document, which also states jatta’s date of birth (6. June 1998) is confirmed, according to the "abendblatt" has been checked by the bremen migration office. The honorary consulate general of the republic of gambia in poland has confirmed the issuance of the new passport at the request of the migration office, said the spokeswoman of the interior department. A mistake is therefore considered unlikely. Doubts about jatta’s identity were reported last wednesday by the "sport bild" newspaper.

The dance steps are learned, the festive dress is perfect

When the three-day church consecration festival of saturday, 30. September, until monday, 2. October, in the marquee at the schaferswiese rises, then belong beside music, delicious food, sliding booth or autoscooter also french round dance to it. Traditionally, a large number of these are dominated by the members of the local costume association, who show themselves in their magnificent werntal costumes.

The new tradition of dancing kirchweih boys and girls was started in 2006 by some young people from euerbach, so that the festival is also celebrated by the younger generation again. So far, the idea has paid off: this year, for the twelfth time, eight kirchweih couples are taking part in the kirchweih with a french schecher, dreher or zipferle, and a star polka. But they have also included other dances in their repertoire, such as the zillertal wedding march or the north german kruzkonig "because they are figure dances to look at", as steffen brandt explains.

The 31-year-old took over as dance director six years ago from andreas hofmann, the initiator of the new church consecration tradition. With him he was already 2006 with the first kirchweihpaaren thereby. Today, brandt studies the french dances with the second and third generation of boys and girls.

Kaspar-zeub wins title in the circle

The kaspar-zeubler won on the new beach volleyball court of the frankenwald high school, where district championships were held for the first time.
A boys’ team, a girls’ team and a mixed team had to compete in two winning sets each. The first match was played by leonie hanna and she served for the girls of kaspar-zeub-gymnasium to gain the lead. The movement to the ball was more difficult for the players than in the hall, because sand and sun as well as speed and ball-flight-estimation made difficult.
Thanks to good serves and receptions, the kaspar-zeub girls love no doubts about success, however. 2:0 (4:15, 6:15) sets were a good target for the match of the young. In this encounter, the rallies in the second set were more competitive. Nevertheless, this game (8:15, 11:15) also went to kaspar-zeub-gymnasium.

No longer decisive for winning the district title, the mixed match was held. The mixed team of the gs showed fighting spirit and even took the lead. But also in this encounter the kaspar-zeublers prevailed (12:15, 12.15) and were happy about the well-deserved success.

Safe winter helmets for the whole family

For many bundesburgers, a winter vacation with the whole family is a special highlight of the year that many look forward to long in advance. When preparing for a trip in the snow, a few things should be taken into account, first and foremost the issue of safety. It is important to take care of the right equipment in time.

Helmet and skis must fit

A helmet, for example, is indispensable for everyone. The right example is available from the specialist dealer. The helmet must fit tightly on the head, but at the same time must not print. In addition, the ski goggles must match the helmet: the helmet should be flush with the goggles in the forehead area so that neither cold nor snow can penetrate.
After a serious fall, the helmet should be replaced, as its protective function is likely to be impaired. But even without an accident, stability and functionality deteriorate due to material degradation. Experts therefore recommend that helmets be replaced every three to five years. The risk of injury can also be significantly reduced by wearing back and torso protectors, which are available in a number of different variations. Especially for children, it is important that they learn to ski with the right skis.
Because children grow from season to season and the ski that fit last year may be too small this year.

Spab should be in the foreground for children