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Stupid idea to write about a poet! As a journalist, there's not much you can do about it. The wish to present one's favorite place is allowed dr. Gerhard C. Krischker, however, also did not discount. So on! On a sunny spatsummer day, we go to the bischofsmuhle – and there he is, the award-winning dialect poet and editor in the flesh.

Auber poet and philosopher – vocations he will pursue in the rest of his life – he has been a young pensioner for a few weeks now. At the age of 65, he has been in the C.C. Buchner verlag had to give up its former office with its mahogany shelves. A bit of melancholy resonates when he talks about his work as an editor and the bamberg family business.

On the whole, however, he finds it quite all right that a new phase of life must now begin. As the rare example of a 21st century. Krischker has managed to get through his (professional) life without a cell phone or the internet until today. And he suspects that in the future this would not have continued for long.

Two insults, money forgery and one drunken driving offense. A 35-year-old man from bamberg narrowly escapes a long prison sentence at the bamberg district court. He is saved only by his search and a deal of all parties involved, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the process. After all, it was about the disturbance of public peace through the threat of criminal acts, in short bomb threats.

The commotion at the U.S. Embassy in berlin in the early morning hours of that 3. June is rough. A man named "jesus" has just been with underprinted number in the consulate general in frankfurt am main called. Through a pipe he comes out in the central office on the river spree. Through the horer can be heard terrible threats. "I am accused by german government. I have to go to america. If you don't help me, I'll blow up the police station."

soccer em 2024: better report card for german bid

Germany’s bid to host the 2024 european soccer championships has won on points against turkey and is entering the eagerly awaited awarding of the tournament with a wind of change in its sails.

Six days before the host was chosen, UEFA gave the german soccer federation better marks than its only competitor in several categories in its bid evaluation report. The human rights situation in turkey in particular is viewed very critically by the european fubball union.

In the 44-page paper on the bid to host the european championships in six years, the continental federation attested to the DFB’s "inspiring, creative and very professional vision". "The report shows that we have taken our work seriously over the past few months and that UEFA is honoring our strong efforts," said german european championship ambassador philipp lahm on friday. "That’s why we’re continuing in the same way and emphasizing the transparency and sustainability of our bid," explained the DFB’s honorary match leader.

Remmidemmi at the kerwatanz in buch

It’s time to drop everything and celebrate life with one or more cold beers and enjoy the french cuisine, still exists today in the weisendorf district of buch. "All roads lead to buch, the center of the world", declared the bucher local boys and girls. Swaying and dancing, feasting and indulging – the 600-strong village once again lived up to its reputation as a kerwa stronghold. "Write: kerwa is blob amol im joahr" (kerwa is blob once a year), was dictated to the reporter.

The crowd of visitors since friday was the well-deserved reward for a brilliant joint effort of the village community and the inn sub. Many helpers from all over the village have been working for days to ensure the smooth running of the musical program and the catering. The bucher kerwa has long been a secret tip because of its cozy flair and the good cuisine alone.

With only one blow on the beer keg mayor heinrich sub opened the kerwa on friday.

Great show with

The quota was right – until well after midnight. There ran the blue boys as smurfs. The crazy dancers took the audience with luminous costumes into the world of the aliens. And the ladies of the ATS wartenfels came as kuhe – in spotted costumes and danced that it was a feast for the eyes. Heidi (markus tempel) and a marchenprinz (marco oertel) as well as three wild bulls, who were not stingy with their charms, provided real firecrackers at the cow dance.


The highlights were of course once again provided by the "gebruder pfarr, for they took a close look at the local scene – and made for real bruisers. Many a church secret was revealed.