Afd cancels nrw party conference: event in danger

North rhine-westphalia afd cancels state party conference planned for this weekend. At the meeting in wiehl near koln, among other things, a successor was to be elected for the ex-state chairman marcus pretzell, who had left the party.

The afd justified the cancellation with safety concerns. There had been "massive and militant threats against the participants and guests of the party conference".

Lexmark exits inkjet printers: 1700 jobs gone

Development will be discontinued by the end of next year, and production of consumables such as ink cartridges will cease at the end of 2015. It was not an easy decision, but a necessary one, explained lexmark chief executive paul rooke on tuesday. The company had already decided to exit the inkjet business with private customers, but now it is also discontinuing business customer machines. Lexmark promised customers, however, to ensure service and ink supply.

For years, there has been a fierce price war for inkjet machines. Many manufacturers earn only on the ink. In addition, demand for printers is slowing down. Hewlett-packard, a major rival, recently had to report a real slump: it sold 23 percent fewer printers in the quarter than in the same period the previous year. Private customers in particular are holding back.

Coburg: Aggression in road traffic

On sunday, shortly after midnight, several young people who were in the mcdonalds parking lot on neustadter strabe reported a near-collision. This was caused by the reckless driving of an 18-year-old man.

When the group tried to confront the traffic hooligan, he tried to escape, injuring a 19-year-old man on the hand. The rearview mirror of the car touched this one. When the patrol arrived, the officers found that the accused were two men who had often attracted the attention of the police because of their risky driving and had been checked.

As it turned out during the investigation, about half an hour before, the driver's buddy had been at the wheel of the VW and had injured a 19-year-old man's leg when he tried to stop and confront him. He had simply approached the man.

miracle mare and kruezi time-out

Second teams are considered to be miraculous. The lineup may change depending on the date of the first team’s game. Today, both WFV teams play in parallel. "In this respect, a real second team will probably be in action," suspects kitzingen coach wolfgang schneider. He sees his team in a slight favorite role, even if ahmed bakare can not play with a fractured clavicle and simon pauly’s use is questionable because of a flesh wound at the fub.

It was a good start to the season for TSV abtswind, even though coach jochen seuling says it was a bumpy start. What stuck in his craw was the physical play of the up-and-coming team, which had improved as the season progressed. The upper franconians lost their last four games and conceded 2:14 (!) hit. For comparison: abtswind won four games with 12:2 goals in this period. "We’ll put together a team that can hold its own there, even though the personnel worries are becoming more and more serious," reports seuling.

Marco reus remains loyal to borussia dortmund

Marco reus remains loyal to borussia dortmund in the long term. The international soccer player has prematurely extended his contract with the current third-placed team in the bundesliga until the age of 30. June 2023 verlangert, the BVB announced. The previous contract of the 28-year-old would have expired in 2019.

"I’ve been wearing the borussia jersey since 2012. I am happy and proud to announce today that I will continue to wear it. Dortmund is my home, BVB is my club!", reus explained in a club statement. Earlier this afternoon, the offensive player had signed his new employment contract. "From the bottom of my heart, i wanted to set a clear sign for the future with this signing," said reus.

Eu budget dispute: weber sharply criticizes hungary and poland

After threatening to veto the recently agreed EU budget package, CSU member of the european parliament manfred weber is sharply critical of hungary and poland.

The threat is "a bit hollow", said the group leader of the european people's party (EPP) on bavarian radio on friday. "Now it's a matter of keeping our nerve."European minister of state michael roth (SPD) also warned against a blockade. Hungary in particular has openly threatened to do so.

The budget package includes around 1.1 billion euros for the next seven years plus an additional 750 billion euros in corona economic aid. Hungary and poland oppose a new clause that would allow EU funds to be cut in the event of certain violations of the rule of law. Both countries could be affected.

Frauke petry resigns from the afd - husband pretzell follows her

Party leader frauke petry to leave the afd. "It is clear that this step will be taken", she said on tuesday in dresden, but without naming an exact time. Also the question whether she wanted to found a new party, she loved unanswered.

She had already resigned from her post as party leader in the saxon state parliament, together with parliamentary managing director uwe wurlitzer and deputy party leader kirsten muster. With "expiration of today" all three also resigned from the parliamentary group, but continued to retain their mandates as individual deputies, it was said.

The reason given was fundamental differences of opinion with parts of the party, which made it impossible for them to continue their work in the parliamentary group. After her election to the bundestag, petry had already announced in berlin on monday that she would not be joining the afd faction there either. The 42-year-old had won a direct mandate in saxony in the federal election on sunday.

appraisal for house waldenfels will be on 29. July expected

Many topics were taken up by the city council in their youngest meeting on tuesday evening. The waldenfels house was there, too, of course. "I've seen that now there are also measuring points in the ernst-putz-strabe", said birgit poeck-kleinhenz (PWG). "Is there anything new?"

"Everyone is waiting for the next report", answered mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU), who is also a member of the board of trustees of the carl von heb'sche social foundation. The foundation wants to build a residential complex for seniors and the disabled in ernst- putz-strabe. But the slope from which the construction workers had removed rough parts had started to move. Various experts are now examining the construction site – and the damage that has already been done to the hartstrabe and the houses of some residents. The results are to be announced on 29. July available.

Filling the cracks with concrete
"We have filled the cracks in the hard road with concrete", reports kammerer leo romeis. And meyerdierks adds that they naturally also want to know whether the slope is still moving. In the meantime, the city has brought in its own lawyer for advice. However, orders for further expert opinions have not yet been given, said romeis in response to a question from the saale newspaper.

Timetable change on Sunday - what will change for rail customers

This sunday’s timetable change means no fare increase for long-distance rail customers as usual this year. Tickets could even be ten percent cheaper on new year’s day – provided the bundestag and bundesrat lower the value-added tax before christmas.

"We keep our word," at least a railroad spokesman assured them. In any case, however, the railroad lowers the 1. January the super-savings price, which then starts at 17.90 euros, two euros less. On local transport, however, fares will rise by an average of 1.7 percent this sunday, with some fares for public transport going up even more.

140 railroad employees have worked on the new timetable over the past few months, said its boss frank hoffmann. "Of course we will look especially on sunday, how the new schedule will start."Passengers will have more seats or more frequent service on a number of routes, and a new intercity route is also on the cards. But there are also restrictions.

The price of water in kronach is rising moderately

The price of water per cubic meter has been set at 2.27 euros (previously 2.07 euros) with an increase in the basic fee to 36 euros. This has so far been 24 euros, measured on the basis of the smallest purchase unit.

The price for wastewater disposal per cubic meter was reduced from 2.10 euros to 1.85 euros per cubic meter. However, a new basic fee of 36 euros per year has been set for this purpose. "The complexity of water supply and wastewater disposal has become very complicated, also due to legislation, and we have taken great pains to find a fair solution so as not to overburden the consumer", according to the head of the factory peter maab.

Mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () pointed out the problem that declining purchase volumes are offset by permanent or even rising fixed costs. In addition to the growing awareness among the population of the need to save on drinking water, the demographic development is also having an impact. Fewer and fewer residents had to pay for facilities that could not be operated more cost-effectively due to their ramified network of pipelines, despite the population decline. "This is an effect that, in the long term, threatens the existence of flat communities with fewer inhabitants. Therefore, this had to be taken into account in the financial compensation", demanded the mayor of kronach.

Cost recovery not to be achieved

fortunately, the city of kronach does not have to make such significant price adjustments as elsewhere, because intensive efforts have been made for years to reduce costs. Another decrease was the reduction of the imputed interest rate from 6.5 percent to 4.5 percent, which fully relieves the consumer. Numerous preliminary discussions and calculations finally led to the decision to adjust the basic charge for the water supply and to introduce a moderate basic charge for the wastewater disposal.