Biodiversity: 'we are eroding our livelihood'

According to some scientists, the decline in biodiversity hangs over our society like a "sword of damocles".

"Something is brewing," says katrin bohning-gaese, director of the senckenberg biodiversity and climate research center in frankfurt am main. The scientist has long studied the decline of biodiversity in germany and central europe. In view of the growing problem, the leopoldina national academy of sciences will also be addressing this topic at its annual meeting in 2021 on friday.

The decline in biodiversity can be easily tracked by long-term population trends, says bohning-gaese, who is a member of the leopoldina. Especially in the case of the birds, there is a comparatively good data basis. Among many other species, she sees particularly strong declines in the birds of the agricultural landscape.

Difficult realignment at 1. Fc koln - Heldt disappointed

Saved, but not pacified – at the 1. FC koln still in a tense mood after happy ending in relegation battle. In view of the excitement surrounding the release of horst heldt, the club’s bosses were anxious to smooth the waters.

The fact that the manager had to leave the day after the successful relegation against kiel, of all things, caused surprise in many places. Heldt made no secret of his frustration. "This came as a surprise. I have to digest all this first and let it sink in. I liked to have been at the 1. FC koln, my heart is attached to this club," he told the "kolner stadtanzeiger".

Unlike heldt, alexander wehrle remains with the FC. Although the financial manager expressed his regret about the end of the cooperation with heldt, he still sees his future in koln. "In probably one of the most difficult financial situations in the club’s history, the club is fully aware of its responsibility. I could not look in the mirror if I was now say I no longer take responsibility. We have extreme challenges ahead of us," he said, referring to the economic consequences of the ongoing corona pandemic.

Why construction in the etzelskirchen development area can only begin now

They have been dragging their feet for a long time. At the 1. July finally saw the start of construction on the etzelskirchen west site. But for some of the house builders, the joy of being able to start with the home they had longed for is also mixed with displeasure. This is reported by one of the builders.

He bought the land from the city in mid-2016. Construction could begin in mid to late 2017, by which time the site would have been developed and the ditches and canal would be in place. This was the information provided by the city.

Start of construction postponed

But after a long wait, he and the 60 or so other builders learned that the development had still not been put out to tender. "It has been constantly delayed for a quarter of a year", says his partner.

Public service strikes: verdi announces first work stoppages in central franconia

Verdi has announced first warning strikes for thursday in the dispute over pay rates for federal and municipal employees. According to information from the union on wednesday, strikes are to be carried out primarily at municipal facilities, but also at federal water and shipping offices.

Unions announce massive warning strikes before easter

first actions are to take place in nurnberg and erlangen as well as in straubing, for example. In the lower bavarian municipality, the employees of the city administration want to stop working for three hours around noon. The municipal utilities are also to be affected by the warning strikes there.

in and out of the SPD forchheim

"Hello favorite city

Anna roser only joined the SPD in 2020. From absolute uberzeugung, as she says. The fact that she has been co-chair of the party in forchheim since the election in september clearly shows the direction the SPD wants to go in. Young, dynamic, dare something new. "I am a "convincer", says anna roser of herself. For years, she was not political at all. "But the more I looked into it, the more I realized that I wanted to play a part in shaping it."

Together with leo goksu, she became a member of the local executive committee of the SPD forchheim. Roser is 33 years old, goksu 40. "We are a good team, he is structured, I am creative", says anna roser and reports on the plans for the new dual leadership. "We have set up the SPD burghers’ office because we want to enter into even more dialogue with the burghers, also in person, as soon as the pandemic allows it." That’s why she feels so comfortable in the SPD, says the 33-year-old. The cohesion among the comrades is very rough and also discussions within the party are gladly seen. "I joined the SPD because I wanted to be active instead of just mucking about", says roser and at the same time invites "anyone who wants to get involved is welcome to come and try it out with us."

"Adios SPD"

Because the SPD in forchheim is no longer the party it once was, two old SPD warhorses from forchheim left in 2019. Albert dorn and reinhold otzelberger announced their resignation from the city council faction in january 2019.

Heuchelheim will soon have a second access road

The second section of the aschbach bypass from the traffic circle in the direction of schlusselfeld is apparently imminent. Nothing stands in the way of construction starting in summer 2013, interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU) recently wrote to state parliament member heinrich rudrof (CSU).

The construction of the state road will also fulfill a wish of the people of heuchelheim. With their request for a second eastern connection of the village to the new state road, the people of heuchelheim had turned to rudrof and were not disappointed. For the time being there should be only one access road from the traffic circle to heuchelheim.

The original plan was then changed and a second driveway for heuchelheim was added.

"If everything goes according to plan, we will be able to open the new road north of heuchelheim to traffic this year", the minister writes in his letter to rudrof.

Four accidents with fatal consequences occupied the region. In march, a motorcyclist who skidded into the guardrail between hannberg and rohrach died in an accident.

In may, a serious accident occurred on the bicycle path between herzogenaurach and beutelsdorf. At the height of the airfield, an 83-year-old bicyclist wanted to turn into a field path in front of a 28-year-old bicyclist. There was a collision with the young man who was about to overtake him. The younger cyclist fell to the ground and suffered severe head injuries, which resulted in his death.

Germany takes in at least 182 threatened Afghans

"I think that’s only fair and that’s only decent," said acting federal interior minister hans-peter friedrich (CSU) on tuesday in berlin. The local forces, who among other things work as translators for the german armed forces, fear acts of revenge by the taliban after the end of the nato combat mission.

Initially, only 23 "directly threatened" afghans had been offered the chance to leave for germany. The criteria were expanded at the beginning of the month, so that now 159 "latently threatened" local forces were also allowed to enter germany. Some more cases are still being examined. According to the federal ministry of the interior, a total of 300 afghans have turned to their services with security concerns.

Further kicking with kickers-sg

The youth of the second division soccer team greuther furth were guests at TSV neudrossenfeld for a family afternoon on the weekend. The meeting for boys and girls up to the age of 13 who are enthusiastic about soccer was held there for the first time. But not for the last time, the organizers of both clubs agree. Further partnership projects are already planned.
Highlights of the event were the guest games of the E- and F-youth of spvgg greuther furth against the newly founded kickers-SG, which besides TSV neudrossenfeld also includes TSV trebgast and TSV harsdorf. The young players of spvgg greuther furth showed a combination ball worth seeing.
E-youth coach jurgen lattacher reveals why: "we train three times a week. Two team training sessions and one individual training session, where a lot of emphasis is placed on technique and the basics such as passing, playing and stopping. Our boys are highly disciplined and always attentive. Interpersonal relations and respect for older people are also very important to us."

Expanding the partnership

TSV chairman gerald weinrich was satisfied with the action: "our people put in a lot of effort, both in setting up the game stations and in tasting the food. Everyone had their "spab, he says.
Weinrich had also talked to those responsible for the further and planned further joint projects: "we will once or twice again provide the children at a home game of the greuther furth bundesliga team and send our youth coaches to furth to observe there." He also wants to make contact with the junior sports center to plan joint tournaments. Weinrich is enthusiastic about the partnership: "it’s quite an experience when we get to see the future professionals."
For the chairman of the kickers-SG, hans weib, it was also a successful afternoon: "the spectators got to see many goals. But the children of our SG held up very well and everyone had a great time. Our kids were very proud to play against spvgg greuther furth.

I was also very pleased with the friendly relationship that developed between the children, the supervisors and the officials of the bundesliga team."

Gate wall and can pushing

Not only did the youngsters enjoy the youth games, they also had fun at the individual stations. There were, among other things, goalmouth scrambles, free kicks and penalty kicks. The latter was played by TSV neudrossenfeld’s state league keeper tobias gruner.
Seven-year-old julian mayer from SV mistelgau particularly enjoyed the goal wall shooting, while nine-year-old konrad mayer from TSC mainleus preferred to shoot one free kick after the other. With margarete weib, a girl was also present at the family afternoon. She particularly enjoyed pushing cans. 50 children took part in the course competition with goal wall pushing, eleven-meter pushing, ball holding, dribbling and shot strength test. The best result was achieved by felix seidler from the host kickers-SG, who scored 47 points.

union: 50:50 chance of agreement at neckermann.en

According to management, today is the last chance," said bernhard schiederig, secretary of the union, in frankfurt on tuesday. "The chances are 50:50."

The fight is on to reduce the number of jobs by 1,380 as far as possible under the terms of a social contract. The mail-order company, which is controlled by US financial investor sun capital and has around 2,400 jobs nationwide, plans to close its own textiles business and its central warehouse in frankfurt. Catalog business had recently slumped so rapidly that successes from online retailing were eaten up.