1000 years of zeil - gift of a millennium

If there’s one place to celebrate a town anniversary, it’s in the old town of zeil. Historic buildings, half-timbered houses and cobbled streets provided a fitting backdrop for a festival that not only attracted attention from zeil, but also from the neighboring communities and even the free state of bavaria. Thousands of visitors came, although the weather on saturday was not quite cooperating.

The bavarian minister of justice winfried bausback (CSU) came to the 1000-year celebration with numerous activities, exhibitions, music, demonstrations and special offers for all age groups, spread over the old town and adjacent streets. He attended the official opening on saturday afternoon and then went on a tour with mayor thomas stadelmann (SPD) and district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU), which made it clear that history comes alive here. A city is proud of its 1000 years, which, however, did not only bring joyful events to the burghers, but also difficult times.

Bausback praised zeil as a "beautiful city". He congratulated the people on the 1000 years and what they have made of their community in about 40 generations. "It is a great celebration to be able to celebrate 1000 years", said the 52-year-old state politician from aschaffenburg. "Zeil is a home."

The best thing for a humorist is to have grown up in a small town, otto reutter is said to have said once. When jan burdinski said this in presseck, he could be sure that everyone in the audience nodded in agreement, at least internally. Especially since the director of the “frankischer theatersommer the first presentation of his literary variete with texts and songs of the berlin humorist a little off the beaten track of cultural events gave.

Otto reutter came from gardelegen in saxony-anhalt, a sprawling little town with 36 inhabitants per square kilometer – statistically just three more than presseck. Nevertheless, the small, fat otto pfutzenreuter from the provinces became one of the greats of 1920s cabaret, who finally managed the "wintergarten" all by himself in berlin, the then coarse variete theater with 1700 square meters, fullte.

Otto reutter was not a crude newer artist. He followed the mainstream, as it is called today. Before the first world war, like many others, he drummed up support for the fight against the enemy in so-called war revues. When his son fell at verdun in 1916, he fell silent.

the riedenberg music association is once again training young musicians

To make it easier for you to choose the right instrument, the riedenberg music society will be presenting a new instrument on sunday, 13. October, from 2 p.M. All instruments that are used in a music band will be presented at the elementary school. There every interested person can try everything.
As the chairman norbert schneider emphasizes, however, all older youths and adults are invited to drop by ,to start learning a wind or percussion instrument.
"It would be great if a whole clique could get together, even those who have played actively in the past can join in again at any time, or receive a refresher course", says norbert schneider. The three youngest musicians, who have only been playing for a few weeks, will introduce themselves on sunday at 3 p.M.

And show how the training system within the club works.
On sunday there will also be information about the different possibilities of financing instruments as well as training costs and leisure activities, which will be offered outside of the playing operation. Even if the training is perhaps only to begin next year or the year after, or someone is still very undecided whether making music is even a possibility, can inform themselves without obligation. During the information afternoon there will be coffee and cakes; the proceeds will go to the cash box of the brass band youth.

The renovation of the mangersreuth organ is completed

The organ bench in the mangersreuth church is almost a second home to richard grob. The organist has sat and played there countless times. But when he sang the chorale "great god, we praise thee" on saturday, the organ was not used the intonation is a very special, moving moment, not only for richard grob.

For five months, the people of mangersreuth had to make do with a small organ. The renovation of the wolf organ, which dates from 1886, is now complete, and in a festive service, pastor bettina weber inaugurates the "new" organ old organ. Richard grob, organist in mangersreuth since 1965, has the task of playing the first notes on the organ. "It makes your heart swell", pastor weber and mayor henry schramm agree., as the first notes of the powerful chorale resound thunderously.

The mangersreuth organ has changed. Inward and outward. The technical equipment is very good now, says church music director ingo hahn, who explains the details of the organ.

rumors about kronach's nightlife: it's already official

When mirco iuliano lets his thoughts wander into the future, he has a clear picture in mind. It puts a smile on his lips. At the tables in his club, people sit comfortably together, sipping a good drop of wine and engaging in conversation. They bring life to the city. And they could unwittingly make a small contribution to changing life itself in kronach.

Iuliano is about to open his club, the members "on the rubble" around the clock makes it possible to meet in the upper town. With a key menu it goes in. The noble beverages are housed in 110 loft rooms in the historic cellar vaults. It is a "new, daring concept", the restaurateur states.

He has taken a risk with this. The implementation required a lot of time, money and manpower (the FT reported). However, the excellent response shows that lateral thinkers like him can enrich kronach. "People are open to new things, he is convinced. "Only this attitude can make a city more modern."

When the beatles meet bach

"Music knows neither age nor gender", elena iossifova is convinced of this. In the opinion of the orchestra leader, there is so much interesting and beautiful music to play, not only in the classical concert literature, but also in modern jazz, rock and pop music. "One must be open, must not be limited", finds the orchestra leader. At the night music on 18. June in the regentenbau, this year for the first time under the motto "rock meets classic she and her twelve fellow musicians want to show how it’s done.
After all, the kurorchester has often tested the audience at its concerts, for example, how the sound of a romantic musical, a snappy film score or even rock sounds are received. At last year’s nachtmusik, the ensemble even had jazz in its repertoire – and the audience went along enthusiastically every time. "We have long since moved away from the pure spa music of earlier days", the head of the orchestra is convinced of this. The view that spa music is only something for seniors over 60 is long outdated, says the 35-year-old resolutely. Today, people in their 40s and 50s come to the wandelhalle to relax to good music. With the new concept of "rock meets classic iossifova hopes that now perhaps even the very young will join her.
The evening could be exciting: modern compositions of the swiss metal/gothic band elyria (st. Gallen) on beethoven’s antique-passionate power of sound. Maybe mozart’s divertimenti in the soft-rock "dust in the wind" will turn into electricity of kansas. The beatles arrange themselves with bach – and then the listener suddenly realizes: "toto meets vivaldi". "It’s an experiment, iossifova openly admits.

But you can tell that she is actually convinced that everything works very well.
After all, she knows that she has professional partners next to her on the stage, noisier colleagues who are open to the new and were already eager to get down to business during rehearsals, as iossifova says. "At this concert, you too can show how diverse your abilities are", according to the orchestra leader. For the performance in the max-littmann-saal in bad kissingen, rainer uebel, the former pianist of the spa orchestra, will return to his place of work. According to iossifova, his experience is worth its weight in gold when it comes to pre-planning, because uebel used to play with the legendary dresden rock band electra.
The kissing night music under the title "irish rock" begins on 18. June at 8 pm in the regentenbau. Tickets are available at the tourist-info arkadenbau, tel. 0971/ 804 84 44. Isolde krapf