First lecture at the future kulmbach campus

The first knowledge to be imparted on the planned campus in kulmbach will be various forms of therapy for weight reduction. Around 30 students found their way to the former administration villa of the kulmbach spinning mill despite the wintry weather conditions. The interest in the subject seems to be great, as can be seen from the many interjections and questions from the students.

Within the framework of the master’s degree program in food and health sciences the university of bayreuth is holding a two-day block seminar this weekend. So this can be seen as the first university event at the campus kulmbach. Gitta hentschel is a certified nutritionist. As a guest lecturer, she will be teaching the master’s students on fridays primarily about the correct forms of nutrition for obesity or diseases such as diabetes.

"The course of studies has a rough proximity to the new faculty, therefore it has offered itself to organize this seminar in kulmbach", says elisabeth schorling, research associate at the institute for medical management and health sciences at the university of bayreuth. For the two days she is with on site and direct contact for the organizational.

Several dead in riots in italian prisons

Fires in cells, detainees on the roofs: in numerous prisons in italy there have been violent protests with several deaths in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

In modena, six prisoners died and several were seriously injured, francesco basentini of the prison administration said on TV on monday. According to the media, 50 prisoners had tried to escape. Prison police union spoke of uprisings at 27 detention centers across the country. The prisoners in modena may have died from an overdose of drugs they may have taken while storming the hospital ward.

Media showed videos of a riot in a prison in milan. Prisoners are seen standing on a roof and chanting "freedom. In the building it burns. In the city of foggia several prisoners are said to have cursed. According to the health department of the region latium there were also riots in the rough roman prison rebibbia.

Un-experts call out germany over human rights

A "high level of violence experienced by migrant women, especially those of turkic and russian origin," is a particular concern, according to a UN report released in geneva on thursday. Despite generally good marks for the human rights situation in germany, there are still deficits – including the deportation of asylum seekers and the lack of integration of sinti and roma.

The government and authorities of the federal republic of germany had done a lot to combat violence against women, the 18 experts of the UN human rights committee declared in their regular report on germany. However, the previous m acceptances were not enough. Federal and state governments should intensify their cooperation in this area.

Above all, protective measures for women of turkish and russian origin had to be strengthened. The report does not give any concrete reasons for the investigation. However, the UN committee’s conclusions are based on detailed information provided by the federal government on numerous aspects of the human rights situation in germany. UN member states regularly submit such reports to the committee.

Club reacts to demographic change

In the general assembly of the SV zeitlofs- rupboden the members were informed about the new orientation of the association. SV zeitlofs-rupboden without fubball – actually unthinkable. Since last year but bitter truth. In the 2018/2019 season, there will be no men’s soccer team and no syndicate. SV zeitlofs-rupboden no longer appears in any tables or results lists.

After the merger in 1993 of the two teams vfb rupboden and TSV zeitlofs a regular game operation was possible until 2013. But demographic change is causing particular problems for small associations. The club has already dealt with the issue in recent years and thought about how to counteract this and what alternatives they offer the members. Heino muller, one of three board members, said in his report: "we – the SV – are not just a soccer club, but – as the abbreviation SV suggests – a sports club. We want to be attractive to our members and also the village population and offer something for everyone. On the one hand, sporting activities of course, but on the other hand also cultural and events that call for the cultivation of camaraderie and village community." But you can’t do without fubball after all. The youngest footballers are accommodated in the neighboring club FV altengronau-jossa and can play there in their age groups. Some youth soccer players of the older age groups play in different teams in oberleichtersbach, romershag and detter. Further exists with FV altengronau-jossa a play community in the AH range. In the men’s area some members play in teams of altengronau, mottgers, oberzell, detter and bad bruckenau.

From the former two gymnastics groups for women there is only one group in zeitlofs, supervised by birgit ubelacker. The women’s gymnastics group rupboden, which was supervised by angelika schafer for over 37 years, disbanded at the end of 2018 for health reasons.

world breastfeeding week: mothers have the wish to breastfeed - but reality looks different

Blissfully sucking babies. Proudly smiling moms. Soft light.Selfies of breastfeeding mothers are now commonplace in social media. It seems that for today's generation of moms, giving breast is the most normal thing in the world. Supermodels and stars have led the way in sharing private moments online. It has even given rise to its own catchphrase: #brelfie, a mix of selfie and breastfeeding, as breastfeeding is called in english. But is the impression from the net correct – is there actually less milk powder in the bottle??

Mother know – breastfeeding is good for the infant

Experts say there is a wide gap between breastfeeding wishes and breastfeeding practice. "It is well known that breastfeeding is good for children. Many women start breastfeeding", says the breastfeeding representative of the german midwives association, aleyd von gartzen, ahead of world breastfeeding week (2). Until 8. October). Then there is the crux of the matter: many mothers often stop breastfeeding after a few weeks, says von gartzen. Studies prove this, but some of the surveys were conducted a long time ago.

The world health organization (WHO), on the other hand, recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months and then a combination of breastfeeding and complementary feeding until the baby is two years old. Breastfeeding can go on for longer if desired. Breast milk is now considered the optimal food for infants and essential for bonding between mother and child. Both sides benefit in terms of health: for example, the baby's risk of infectious diseases, allergies and asthma is reduced. Breastfeeding can reduce risk of breast and ovarian cancer in mothers.

Bacteria in sausage: what are listeria and how dangerous are they??

The authorities justify the ban on sales and the recall of meat products from the sieber company with the suspicion of listeria.

What are listeria?
You can’t see them, yet listeria in food can cause significant harm to sick people and children. The dangerous rod-shaped bacteria that have now been found in the sausage of a company in upper bavaria occur frequently in nature – for example in compost, in the soil and on plants. Animal and plant products can be contaminated by both faecal and environmental sources.

What foods can be affected?
Contamination of food with listeria can occur at various stages of production and processing. Raw animal products such as minced meat, sushi and raw milk cheese are particularly at risk. Because processing contaminated raw materials does not always kill the bacteria: listeria are very resistant. They can withstand both freezing and drying. Boiling, frying, sterilizing and pasteurizing, on the other hand, safely kills the bacteria.