At the end of 2016, the water association renewed the water pipeline in the street "am wiesengrund". The road was also to be rebuilt, but 80 percent of the cost would have been passed on to residents. Resistance was voiced by residents, some of whom had to pay unjustifiably high costs, as one applicant in the kleinsendelbach community pointed out.
The road construction work that had been started had led to a high degree of damage to the road. Since no legal decision has yet been made on how to proceed with the trenching fee rates, the municipality has also not pursued the new construction any further.
The pipe trenches in the street were provisionally closed with coarse asphalt and the curbs and sidewalks, which had been damaged by the construction, were only sloppily repaired, according to the application. For the next winter, there was a threat of considerable damage to individual sections of the road, which was why the road had to be restored to a proper condition.
The residents are not prepared to be satisfied with the destroyed road in the long term. Therefore, the citizens expect that the remaining work will be done to restore the road, at least the road should look similar to what it looked like before the work was done. The necessary work should be done before the onset of winter.
"We can’t commission anything until we know what will be financed, armin fuchs (UWG) made this clear. The municipality had not received any money from the special-purpose association and was therefore not able to call on any money, as mayor gertrud werner (UWG) made clear.
The village community (DG) suggested that a priority be given to this area so that the citizens would not feel forgotten. Fuchs said that this priority existed anyway. Eva-maria regenfus (UWG) said that for the further procedure one must wait for the legal decision.
The council could not agree with the statement that the condition of the road was worse than before. When things got worse, the strabe could be provisionally rehabilitated. "Then we’ll put up a sign with a speed limit of 10", mayor werner said. Map

way opened for bischberg pool renovation

The popular indoor swimming pool in bischberg was built in the 70s. Now, despite regular maintenance, it is getting on in years and needs to be completely renovated. But because the financing issue has not yet been resolved, the indoor pool has been closed for almost two years now. According to cost calculations, the general renovation will cost between 4.5 and 5 million euros. Bischberg can’t manage that on its own in view of the many current or upcoming compulsory projects.

Recently, there was a breakthrough in the demand question: bischberg was able to get about 1.5 million euros from a special bader demand pot.

An application for a further, different demand program has also been submitted. When an answer is received, the municipal council must decide whether to go ahead with the project. If everything went optimally, the indoor swimming pool could be renovated in 2021, according to estimates by mayor johann pfister (BI).

Here at infrankenplus, you can find out where the schools in bischberg are currently learning to swim and what tricks are needed to finance them.

Vc eltmann succeeds in opening victory against oelsnitz

"This victory was enormously important for the further round of matches. We proved today that we don't underestimate any opponent and that we are well prepared to get as much money as possible out of the series", was the conclusion of player kai naumann after the 3:1 home victory in the third league east of the volleyball men.

Two weeks later than the rest of the competition, the men of the VCE started into the second round. During a preparation tournament and some test matches the team found together better and better and was well prepared for the meeting with the last team in the table, oelsnitz, who could only record one victory so far. "Nevertheless, oelsnitz is a strong team that can beat any opponent in this league on a good day, especially because of its physicality", said naumann already before the match. He and his team managed very well to play their own game against the coarse eastern germans.

Variable attacking play
Right from the start, VC eschenbacher eltmann showed an unconditional will to make a positive impression in the opening match of the new year. Many defensive actions paired with a stable reception were the cornerstone for a variable attacking game, which as usual christian nowak and kenneth blanca over the middle blocker position, sebastian richter and jens werner as eagle attackers and player coach heriberto quero on diagonal pulled up. Eltmann gained an early lead, the opponent only got better into the match in the middle of the set, especially through more pressure on the serve, and came back to 15:16. In the following, however, it was again the home side from lower franconia who did not want to leave any doubt about a home victory and decided the first set with 25:18 in their favor.

Further remain faithful to the ronhof

Football league team spvgg greuther furth will remain loyal to its traditional home at the ronhof for decades to come. A corresponding lease agreement for the use of the stadium until 2040 was signed on thursday. With this, the plans for a new stadium in the further south are also off the table. "Every real further will be happy if the spvgg stays in the ronhof", club president helmut hack said two days before the frankenderby against neighbor 1. FC nurnberg.
The trolli arena on the tranquil laubenweg is now to be gradually modernized from next summer onwards and enlarged from the current 18,000 to 20,000 spectator seats. The ronhof, built in 1910, is the most traditional venue in the fubball bundesliga. The main tribune dates back to about 1951.
"This is the most important signature in my ten years in office", said furth's mayor thomas jung. After a long back and forth with the landowner conny brandstatter, the spvgg was able to reach an agreement with the city on the long-term lease agreement. This also means that the planned alternative in the south of the city is no longer an issue for the three-time german champion. Completion of the new stadium was scheduled for the end of 2014.

Less of a financial burden
"We feel very comfortable with this decision and we also have to see that this will now burden us financially less than a complete new construction", president hack emphasized. According to the club, the owner was also satisfied: "I'm a fan of spvgg greuther furth and I'd rather go to the ronhof than to any other stadium", brandstatter said.

New main stand
"Without hectic" the "cloverleaf" will now plans for the modernization of the ronhof are moving forward, hack emphasized. A new main stand is to be built in stages, and further infrastructural measures are to be taken. This will also continue to support thomas sommer. The exclusive partner of the spvgg, who wanted to finance the construction of the new stadium, becomes the "cloverleaf" also to be given a helping hand with the forthcoming investments.

Padophile ex-priest on trial for sexual abuse

An ex-priest with a serious criminal record will stand trial for sexual abuse at the deggendorf regional court in mid-december. According to the indictment, the 53-year-old has sexually abused five boys on at least 100 occasions since the mid-1990s and tried to rape an 18-year-old girl. A number of the assaults committed in poland, italy, austria and switzerland, as well as near mainz and in the district of deggendorf, are considered serious sexual abuse.

The authorities also accuse the man of forging documents, fraud and misuse of titles, among other things. He is alleged to have obtained at least 100,000 euros to finance his livelihood. According to the court, the former catholic priest had in the meantime also served a prison sentence of several years for sexual abuse.

According to the indictment, the man obtained a priestly ordination in poland by means of falsified school and university degrees. After his dismissal from the priesthood in 2013, he continued to pose as a catholic priest under a false name, holding services and collecting donations. In one case, he had even pretended to be god in an e-mail in order to dissuade a host from making a payment for room and board.