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Stupid idea to write about a poet! As a journalist, there's not much you can do about it. The wish to present one's favorite place is allowed dr. Gerhard C. Krischker, however, also did not discount. So on! On a sunny spatsummer day, we go to the bischofsmuhle – and there he is, the award-winning dialect poet and editor in the flesh.

Auber poet and philosopher – vocations he will pursue in the rest of his life – he has been a young pensioner for a few weeks now. At the age of 65, he has been in the C.C. Buchner verlag had to give up its former office with its mahogany shelves. A bit of melancholy resonates when he talks about his work as an editor and the bamberg family business.

On the whole, however, he finds it quite all right that a new phase of life must now begin. As the rare example of a 21st century. Krischker has managed to get through his (professional) life without a cell phone or the internet until today. And he suspects that in the future this would not have continued for long.

Own beer mug from the brewery schlenkerla

Now he is in the process of finding his rhythm as a resting stallholder. He's not quite in his prime yet, but a habit he's grown fond of over the years forms a good basis for a structured retirement day: in the late afternoon, he finds a nice little spot and, over a glass of beer or wine, revels in the joy of his wonderful hometown. He is grateful to fate that he never had to leave it, that he was able to pursue a fulfilling profession here for 36 years ("this was my life.") and is allowed to live in a nice house in the old town, where he can retreat to when he needs peace and quiet.

Often, actually every day, it is too quiet there, and he moves to places where he hears the heart of the city beating loudly and meets people. In winter, this is the brewery schlenkerla "one of the most beautiful taverns in the world" – and not only because he has his own beer mug here, which the landlords trum fill for him free of charge. He "earned" his lifelong beer allowance (up to two "seidla" a day) as a student with a "schlenkerla" chronicle. He feels this privilege as an "honorary citizenship.

Only two things that are stubborn

In summer his favorite place is the bischofsmuhle. Long before the wine bar opens, krischker sits on a bench under the lush grapevine, reads the newspaper, and is delighted by the ducks that keep him company and the "young ganders, the people who stroll past him. But above all, he enjoys the view of the upper parish, st. Stephen's church and the grandiose landscape of the rooftops. The loud murmur of the regnitz calms him – and against the background noise of the water comes the "intoxicating" traffic over the bischofsmuhlbrucke is not on anyway.

For krischker, there are only two things that are a cause for concern: the ruins of the sterzersmuhle, which stand directly next to the bischofsmuhle and whose fate has been discussed in the city for years but not decided, and the "blue miracle, the new building over the regnitz to the left of the geyersworth bridge. Both "a disgrace, judges the dialect poet.

Wish: a life-size bronze statue

At 5 pm it is time for the house wine. Guests trickle in, conversations arise, ideas come up. For example for his third bamberg-reading book, which he has in planning. "To die for" shall be his title. Also contemporary authors like tommy jaud will be in it with bamberg-quotes.
In all immodesty, krischker thinks at the bischofsmuhle, how nice it would be, if grischga could sit on this bench as a life-size bronze statue later on …

For the time being, however, a very much alive gerhard C. Krischker is sitting on the bench and is happy that an old man, a pastor from nurnberg, as he imagines, comes to his table. With the words "you are the mr. Krischker"!?" He pulls out a booklet "the most beautiful bamberger legends and sayings" from the pocket and asks for an autograph. Why the man is carrying a krischker book on this particular day remains his secret.

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