Why construction in the etzelskirchen development area can only begin now

Why construction in the etzelskirchen development area can only begin now

They have been dragging their feet for a long time. At the 1. July finally saw the start of construction on the etzelskirchen west site. But for some of the house builders, the joy of being able to start with the home they had longed for is also mixed with displeasure. This is reported by one of the builders.

He bought the land from the city in mid-2016. Construction could begin in mid to late 2017, by which time the site would have been developed and the ditches and canal would be in place. This was the information provided by the city.

Start of construction postponed

But after a long wait, he and the 60 or so other builders learned that the development had still not been put out to tender. "It has been constantly delayed for a quarter of a year", says his partner.

The two have three children. Her apartment was bursting at the seams. It was urgent for them to be able to start construction. If they had known it would drag on this long, they might have made a different decision. They could have had an alternative plot of land. But they were glad to have been able to get a building site in their hometown at all, given the high demand, says the man from hochstadt.

The reason for the delay

Mayor gerald brehm (JL) defends the timetable. Even if he could absolutely understand the impatience of the builders: "it was not at all possible otherwise." Because at that time the city had not yet acquired all the plots of land.

With a part of the 20 owners of the fields one still had to negotiate or also renegotiate. Surveying results had to be awaited, construction companies for the development had a busy schedule.

The fact that the city took the necessary marketing into its own hands was not a matter of course. "A gift for the builders" calls it brehm.

City makes good prices possible

Because only in this way were the comparatively favorable prices per square meter of 170 to 180 euros possible.

On the open market it would have cost almost 100 euros more, says brehm.

Did the city promise the builders too much with the time horizon of 2017?? No, says brehm. This was only a rough outlook. It is part of the contract that the steps mentioned must be waited for. "We could have waited another two years with the sale of the property, of course", says brehm. But many were happy to be able to purchase their plot already in this phase. Interest rates were low at the time, and private construction financing was easier when the land was already available.

After more and more property owners had asked the city when construction could start, the administration had pressed for a faster pace. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding or two in the communication, says the mayor. He emphasizes, however: "we have done everything humanly possible to make it as fast as possible."

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