Way opened for bischberg pool renovation

way opened for bischberg pool renovation

The popular indoor swimming pool in bischberg was built in the 70s. Now, despite regular maintenance, it is getting on in years and needs to be completely renovated. But because the financing issue has not yet been resolved, the indoor pool has been closed for almost two years now. According to cost calculations, the general renovation will cost between 4.5 and 5 million euros. Bischberg can’t manage that on its own in view of the many current or upcoming compulsory projects.

Recently, there was a breakthrough in the demand question: bischberg was able to get about 1.5 million euros from a special bader demand pot.

An application for a further, different demand program has also been submitted. When an answer is received, the municipal council must decide whether to go ahead with the project. If everything went optimally, the indoor swimming pool could be renovated in 2021, according to estimates by mayor johann pfister (BI).

Here at infrankenplus, you can find out where the schools in bischberg are currently learning to swim and what tricks are needed to finance them.

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