Union: 50:50 chance of agreement at neckermann.en

union: 50:50 chance of agreement at neckermann.en

According to management, today is the last chance," said bernhard schiederig, secretary of the union, in frankfurt on tuesday. "The chances are 50:50."

The fight is on to reduce the number of jobs by 1,380 as far as possible under the terms of a social contract. The mail-order company, which is controlled by US financial investor sun capital and has around 2,400 jobs nationwide, plans to close its own textiles business and its central warehouse in frankfurt. Catalog business had recently slumped so rapidly that successes from online retailing were eaten up.

The employees’ side demands a safeguard for possible severance payments as well as a clarification of the selection criteria for dismissals. According to company sources, the company made "very concrete offers" last weekend, including severance payments.

In a recent statement by neckermann.De gmbh says: "the offers for severance payments correspond to the maximum possibilities of the company and are far above what would be expected in the event of insolvency."The payment of notice periods until the end of the year for each employee in addition to severance pay is "much more than could be expected in the event of insolvency in view of the upper limits set by law".

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