Trouble over battered road

At the end of 2016, the water association renewed the water pipeline in the street "am wiesengrund". The road was also to be rebuilt, but 80 percent of the cost would have been passed on to residents. Resistance was voiced by residents, some of whom had to pay unjustifiably high costs, as one applicant in the kleinsendelbach community pointed out.
The road construction work that had been started had led to a high degree of damage to the road. Since no legal decision has yet been made on how to proceed with the trenching fee rates, the municipality has also not pursued the new construction any further.
The pipe trenches in the street were provisionally closed with coarse asphalt and the curbs and sidewalks, which had been damaged by the construction, were only sloppily repaired, according to the application. For the next winter, there was a threat of considerable damage to individual sections of the road, which was why the road had to be restored to a proper condition.
The residents are not prepared to be satisfied with the destroyed road in the long term. Therefore, the citizens expect that the remaining work will be done to restore the road, at least the road should look similar to what it looked like before the work was done. The necessary work should be done before the onset of winter.
"We can’t commission anything until we know what will be financed, armin fuchs (UWG) made this clear. The municipality had not received any money from the special-purpose association and was therefore not able to call on any money, as mayor gertrud werner (UWG) made clear.
The village community (DG) suggested that a priority be given to this area so that the citizens would not feel forgotten. Fuchs said that this priority existed anyway. Eva-maria regenfus (UWG) said that for the further procedure one must wait for the legal decision.
The council could not agree with the statement that the condition of the road was worse than before. When things got worse, the strabe could be provisionally rehabilitated. "Then we’ll put up a sign with a speed limit of 10", mayor werner said. Map

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