Tragic accident

Four accidents with fatal consequences occupied the region. In march, a motorcyclist who skidded into the guardrail between hannberg and rohrach died in an accident.

In may, a serious accident occurred on the bicycle path between herzogenaurach and beutelsdorf. At the height of the airfield, an 83-year-old bicyclist wanted to turn into a field path in front of a 28-year-old bicyclist. There was a collision with the young man who was about to overtake him. The younger cyclist fell to the ground and suffered severe head injuries, which resulted in his death.

In july, a cyclist on his way from hannberg to dechsendorf fell off a bridge that crosses the lindach river. The "bridge consists only of two concrete piers about 50 centimeters apart. The man succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident.

Also in july, a 31-year-old man fell from a ferris wheel at the open beatz festival. He died because of the severe injuries he sustained in the collision. The colombian had come especially for this festival. A technical failure was excluded by the investigations. 

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