The price of water in kronach is rising moderately

The price of water in kronach is rising moderately

The price of water per cubic meter has been set at 2.27 euros (previously 2.07 euros) with an increase in the basic fee to 36 euros. This has so far been 24 euros, measured on the basis of the smallest purchase unit.

The price for wastewater disposal per cubic meter was reduced from 2.10 euros to 1.85 euros per cubic meter. However, a new basic fee of 36 euros per year has been set for this purpose. "The complexity of water supply and wastewater disposal has become very complicated, also due to legislation, and we have taken great pains to find a fair solution so as not to overburden the consumer", according to the head of the factory peter maab.

Mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () pointed out the problem that declining purchase volumes are offset by permanent or even rising fixed costs. In addition to the growing awareness among the population of the need to save on drinking water, the demographic development is also having an impact. Fewer and fewer residents had to pay for facilities that could not be operated more cost-effectively due to their ramified network of pipelines, despite the population decline. "This is an effect that, in the long term, threatens the existence of flat communities with fewer inhabitants. Therefore, this had to be taken into account in the financial compensation", demanded the mayor of kronach.

Cost recovery not to be achieved

fortunately, the city of kronach does not have to make such significant price adjustments as elsewhere, because intensive efforts have been made for years to reduce costs. Another decrease was the reduction of the imputed interest rate from 6.5 percent to 4.5 percent, which fully relieves the consumer. Numerous preliminary discussions and calculations finally led to the decision to adjust the basic charge for the water supply and to introduce a moderate basic charge for the wastewater disposal.

Dieter meixner from the bavarian municipal audit association informed the audience that the planned full cost recovery, which the city council had decided on as part of the budget protection concept, would not be achieved in either of the two facilities (water supply and wastewater).

Compared to the year 2005, both water consumption and wastewater disposal decreased by about 200,000 cubic meters in 2012. The municipal utilities have stored 4440 cubic meters of fresh drinking water in nine reservoirs for daily use. 151 kilometers of main lines and 45 kilometers of supply lines had to be serviced and maintained. For the consumption payment with the customer are at present about 4800 payers installed.

In addition to providing drinking water for the population, the supply network also serves to ensure fire safety and, in addition, future investments of around four million euros had to be factored in for water supply and wastewater disposal, informed works director maab.

Markus wich (CSU), marina schmitt (SPD) and michael zwingmann (freie wahler) agreed that it was impossible to cover the costs and that a halay acceptable solution could be achieved by restructuring and redistribution. Marina schmitt made it clear that "from an ecological point of view, a waste of the precious good water must be stopped, but on the other hand, healthy water has its price".

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