The guards in the school buses

The guards in the school buses

There had already been a boy for whom the ten warnings had no effect, according to sophia and the two julias. When the three young women in their "frocks, warning vests are meant, perform, you have the say. Sophia gunther from schirnsdorf, julia herrmann from schweinbach and julia habich from pommersfelden are school bus attendants at muhlhausen middle school. A responsibility the madels are well aware of.

Difficult fourth-graders
Problems with schoolchildren are actually the exceptions, says julia herrmann. And if they do, it's the small ones who don't follow their instructions. Because the school bus attendants travel on various buses in which elementary school students are also transported. "It's mainly the fourth-graders who don't listen to us", the three say as if from the same mouth.

Then you just have to find a compromise, says julia herrmann. When schoolchildren are sometimes "offended as sophia gunther tells us, that's probably the least of the problems. "Some also react aggressively.", she says. And the trio remembers that some time ago there was a boy for whom even ten warnings did not help.

After three warnings, the case goes to the responsible teacher
As a rule, it's over after three warnings, and then only the teacher peter kittel, who is responsible for the school bus attendants, can help any further. In the case of the aforementioned rabauken one had waited and hoped for improvement. A talk with his mother brought a little improvement. The problem only became solved when the schoolmaster transferred to another school.

For three years now, the three young women have been keeping order when getting on and off the bus and on the bus itself. They intervene when students fight, they make sure that no one bumps into them and that the satchels are taken off their backs. The risk of injury was otherwise too great.

At a dinner at the end of the year, her service and that of many other school bus attendants was appropriately honored. On the one hand from principal gudrun boss, on the other hand from the mayors of the participating communities and the chairman of the school association, friedrich gleitsmann: "the school knows what it has in you!"

The police also female: jurgen schmeiber, chief of the hochstadt police department, thanked the youths: "you are doing a very important job!" And that is a signal for all those who only care about themselves. Schmeiber's wish is "that you are recognizable".

A matter of safety
The warning vests are "not a question of appearance, but of safety". The police chief also thanked "everyone who accompanies and supports this network". His colleague michaela rosenthal, trainer and contact person for the school bus attendants, brought gifts from siegfried nurnberger, chairman of the hochstadt traffic police department. There were also gifts from the police and from the responsible teacher kittel. Kittel appealed to the school children to actually wear their warning vests. "Only they identify you as legitimate school bus chaperones!"

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