Shell limestone slabs to spare the schoolyard and churchyard

At its most recent meeting, the municipal council selected the floor tiles and lamps for the schoolyard and churchyard, which are currently being redesigned. In addition, the design of the square was discussed, but no decisions have been made yet.

Mayor fridolin zehner (CSU) announced that despite the adverse weather in recent weeks, construction work is fully on schedule. An exact time, when they are finished, he does not want to say yet and means "at the latest in the fall."

Originally, for the square between the church, the town hall and the old school were planned slabs of shell limestone.

However, the company carrying out the construction work on the site said that, in their experience, this material is not resistant to de-icing salt. Therefore, in addition to the offer of a company from strahlen, which demanded 220 euros per square meter for the delivery and laying of shell limestone slabs, an alternative offer for granite slabs from the bavarian forest was also obtained. They were to cost 150 euros per square meter without installation costs.

The meeting was also attended by architect johannes hahn (bad kissingen), who planned and is now overseeing the redesign of the square. He pointed out that the installation of granite slabs would lead to a design problem, since the remaining stones and slabs are all made of shell limestone. The municipal council finally decided by nine votes to use the slabs of local shell limestone. Three members of the committee voted against it. A decision also had to be made on how the surface of the stones was to be procured. Ten members of the council decided in favor of a sandblasted surface, two were against it.

The community council also selected the lamps that will provide brightness on the square. He decided with eight against four votes for a lamp form, which was also already used in the raiffeisenstrabe. The cost of materials and installation is about 23000 euros without VAT. A cheaper option would have cost 16,000 euros, but the selected lamps seemed more appealing.

Planting is conceivable

Finally, the municipal councils also discussed the design of the square. The second mayor werner keller voiced concerns because, in his opinion, invigorating elements such as trees, seating, shading or water ponds were missing. Architect hahn stated that originally it was assumed that there would be no possibility to do so because of the cables and pipes underground and the planned erection of a marquee. He could now imagine the planting of, for example, four plane trees, the installation of source stones or other elements. The space for a marquee would still be sufficient, said hahn. It was emphasized that a change of plans must be approved by the office for regional development in any case and that such further-reaching design measures are not subsidized.

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