Rossach clubbers celebrated with adam hlousek

Rossach clubbers celebrated with adam hlousek

Rossach – optimism – that's what a real club fan like gunther kunkel always needs. 30 years ago he founded the fan club "rossach and surroundings" co-founded out of a hometable. His love for the "club but is still much older. Since his school days, kunkel has been a fan of the 1. FCN. "A real club fan goes through all the highs and lows of his club", says kunkel.
The people from rossach have had to experience many relegations – once even to the third league, the absolute low point for the FCN – but at least they have also experienced many promotions as a result. What sticks? Kunkel fondly remembers a game in the 90s in nurnberg against st. Pauli, which ended 5:3, or a game in berlin, which the club won 5:1. Even today, he is still troubled by serious mistakes, such as in a game against bielefeld, when the referee allowed a completely irregular goal. A goal that ultimately cost the club its place in the league.
Of course, the fan club is also a great place for socializing. "We do a lot, we don't just go to the stadium in nuremberg", says the founding member. In addition, the people of rossach meet for a get-together – it is clear that the FCN is the number one topic. The club owes a lot to former chairman karl schultheib, who brought many well-known players and coaches (such as dieter eckstein, thomas brunner and jorg dittwar) to rossach in his "house bar" have fetched. "Players to touch" he has experienced and learned many a piece of information at first hand.

Hlousek feels good
On the occasion of the anniversary – which was celebrated on the village square under the patronage of mayor udo siegel (CSU) – the people of rossach received a "distinguished visitor": adam hlousek, who played at the 1. The FCN, which wears the number 23, was among the guests. " I feel very comfortable in nurnberg", said the czech, who was badly affected by injuries last year. Hlousek gladly fulfilled the numerous autograph requests of the fans. Klaus schramm (chairman of the supervisory board) and fan representatives jurgen bergmann and carl teplitzky were also available to answer fans' questions.
Udo siegel reminded the audience that the fan club is not only about the "fascination of soccer" but also does a lot for the village community. "The club friends have experienced many highs and lows", said the mayor. And he also knew: "a true club friend never gives up."

Also involved in the village
During the presentation of writer margitta fischer it became clear that the club friends have a big heart for children. For example, numerous charity matches were held in aid of the soccer school of TSV rossach and the kindergarten in grobheirath. Fischer praised the acting chairman hans dieter lieb, who continued karl schultheib's work with great success.
"We are very proud of our fan clubs", stressed klaus schramm, chairman of the supervisory board of the FCN. In the coming season, the goal is to stay in the league and grow slowly but steadily. "For rapid growth, the 1. FC nurnberg does not have the necessary means", emphasized schramm. He pointed out with pride, however, that the association was debt-free. The club's management is satisfied with the team and the work of coach michael wiesinger: "the decision to rely on our own people was the right one." The chairwoman of the fan association, claudia marsching, presented the rossachers with a match ball bearing the original autographs of all the players.
Fan advisor carl teplitzky praised the camaraderie of all FCN fan clubs. This also includes supporting club members damaged by floods. FCN wants to break the 15,000-member mark soon with advertising campaigns. Mst

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