Otto scheer: a life for the club

Otto scheer: a life for the club

None of those who knew him could quite believe it: on thursday, otto scheer from mursbach, one of the most dedicated supporters of the 1. FC nurnberg. In all areas of society, from the fans in the stadium to the media to political circles and even among the clergy, "der otto" represented the best of the best, as he was called everywhere, his ideals of club loyalty and sports comradeship transcended all other boundaries with cordiality and fubball understanding.

Born in 1944 on a farm in today’s wiesen district of bad staffelstein, otto scheer was supposed to become a priest. But the latin school did not fill him, his world was already coarser, and his heart beat for the "club". Together with eight other like-minded people, scheer founded the club on 1. November 1976 the "FCN-fanclub wiesen und umgebung" and thus began a success story like no other. Whether the 1. FC nurnberg in the fubball bundesliga – up or down – for the wiesen fan club there was always only one direction: upward. Otto scheer remained chairman until his death, and not only his deputy ottmar kerner is sure: "we’ll never find anyone like him."

The crowd of supporters at the obermain grew and grew and today the club with more than 1000 members was allowed to be the strongest fan club of the 1. FC nurnberg its. Including many celebrities such as mayors and district councils, deputies, pastors and bishops, and even karl-theodor zu guttenberg remains loyal to the club in faraway america. Whether he was thus within a rough distance of the "center is not sure, because the FCN fan club wiesen and surroundings has members all over the world – on the balkans and in asia and in the german neighboring countries anyway. Hardly anyone who did not love to be infected.

Since the middle of the 1980s, otto scheer, who worked for michelin, has voluntarily taken over the coordination between about 90 clubs of the fan district III of the 1st league. FC nurnberg. This gave him a lot of work, but also many new contacts, even with other clubs.

And year after year, the fans "waited for schalke" to the fact that otto scheer sang the song of "true friendship" to them over stadium loudspeakers during half-time sang.

The battle hawks in the ruhrpott are known to be electoral. At home, in his own stadium, he discussed in the VIP area with the greats of the sport from his own players, coaches and presidents to franz beckenbauer. Soon, the word of "emperor otto" was used the round.

But otto scheer also achieved championship honors himself. A few years ago, he coached his team from wiesen to the "german fan club championship" to the obermain, at home in his "club-room received a place of honor. Throughout his life, otto scheer found the understanding he needed with his wife greti and their three children. Naturally "running ticket sales and bus organization not without them, and if nothing else helped, then "der otto" organized it stop a pilgrimage to vierzehnheiligen. Everything, as I said, was for the club.

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