Opel’s emotional spot for mother’s day

Opel's emotional spot for Mother's Day

After the edeka-opa, now the opel-mom. With its new commercial, the car manufacturer is also focusing on an emotionally charged family atmosphere. Just in time for mother’s day there is now a spot that has nothing to do with cars, but all the more with sentimentality. The focus is on a man who, despite his enormous fear, trains again and again for a parachute jump. Why he does the torture to himself? For his mother.

Whether opel can also create happiness with its cars? Watch the test of the new "opel adam rocks S" here on clipfish

She is in a wheelchair and in a nursing home. Your son’s secret plan: he wants to surprise you by jumping out of the plane together.

The idea works, the two-minute tv spot ends in a free fall and with the pathetic words: "she gave you life". Give her this day." Opel prints under the slogan #herzsprung powerfully on the tranendruse and hopes thereby probably a similar success as edeka to the christmas season with #heimkommen. It remains to be seen how rough the hype will actually become.

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