Only the stage is hibernating

Only the stage is hibernating

"After the game is before the game." This bonmots from the mouth of the former national coach sepp herberger is not only valid for soccer, but also for the active members of the nature stage trebgast.

In fact, the pause between the final curtain in 2012 and the start of preparations for the 2013 season lasted only three months. Now chairman siegfried kuspert was able to attend the meeting for the children's play "for a first look and to get to know each other", as he put it, fortunately some "new" ones buried in the team.

Andrea viebmann and her daughter edda sauer belong to them as well. Mother andrea has a "familiar" background, because her mother met her father while playing in the theater. "I already participated in the nativity play as a child in church and later in high school when plays were rehearsed. During my studies I was also involved in pantomime and later – in the parents' council of the kindergarten – the raven abraxas in "the little witch" verkorpert. Everything that has to do with theater helps me to switch off from work", she is looking forward to her first role on the natural stage: as the distinguished lady "mrs. Petrell" in "michel from lonneberga.

Daughter edda (12) has also played a leading role in elementary school and enjoys watching theater plays on television. She has already participated in smaller school film projects of her coarser sister freya (17) in front of the camera.

Her second hobby is swimming at the ATS. Can it all be reconciled with school? On weekends it is no problem.

"But for the respective thursday performances, which start at 2 p.M., it's already getting tight because classes at the secondary school go until 1 p.M.", female mother andrea "we'll have to come up with something about driving, too, because i'm still working there too."

Both have one advantage: they can exercise together at home and check each other out.

Director from osnabruck
Directed – for the first time in trebgast – by sigrid graf from osnabruck. She will begin intensive rehearsals in march.

In addition to the children's play "michel aus lonneberga," the 2013 program includes above that "everyone", "the three village saints and "a ghost seldom comes alone as well as again numerous interesting guest performances.

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