Miracle mare and kruezi time-out

miracle mare and kruezi time-out

Second teams are considered to be miraculous. The lineup may change depending on the date of the first team’s game. Today, both WFV teams play in parallel. "In this respect, a real second team will probably be in action," suspects kitzingen coach wolfgang schneider. He sees his team in a slight favorite role, even if ahmed bakare can not play with a fractured clavicle and simon pauly’s use is questionable because of a flesh wound at the fub.

It was a good start to the season for TSV abtswind, even though coach jochen seuling says it was a bumpy start. What stuck in his craw was the physical play of the up-and-coming team, which had improved as the season progressed. The upper franconians lost their last four games and conceded 2:14 (!) hit. For comparison: abtswind won four games with 12:2 goals in this period. "We’ll put together a team that can hold its own there, even though the personnel worries are becoming more and more serious," reports seuling.

Wolf, otto, pauly (each with cruciate ligament rupture), doring (cheekbone fracture) and kruezi (no longer reporting) are out of action. "Kruezi was injured, and i haven’t heard from him since," coach is disappointed. "Hexenschuss, professionally much around the ears, renovation", kruezi explains his self-imposed time out. "But if the trainer needs me, i’m there!" – maybe we should talk to each other?!

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