Linda trial: the third day

Linda trial: the third day

55 witnesses, four experts – and all that in only three days? From the beginning it was clear that the time schedule set in the "linda process" would not be met is more than ambitious. And although the meeting lasted eleven hours on wednesday and ten hours on thursday, the time schedule can no longer be kept. In the meantime, all participants have agreed on wednesday, 1. February, agreed as a further trial day. Then two experts are to present their reports on the accused jerry J. Deliver. The now 21-year-old is accused of killing 16-year-old schoolgirl linda with several hammer blows and knife stabs in april 2011. Jerry J. Is confessed.

An exciting question will be whether he will still be sentenced according to juvenile criminal law or already according to adult criminal law.

On friday, two eagerly awaited witnesses will have their say: the girl who, at the time of the crime, was with jerry J. A permanent relationship had. And a friend of linda, who was there at the very first meeting of linda and jerry. The two had made contact via the internet portal facebook. A few hours later, the death already happened.

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