In and out of the spd forchheim

in and out of the SPD forchheim

"Hello favorite city

Anna roser only joined the SPD in 2020. From absolute uberzeugung, as she says. The fact that she has been co-chair of the party in forchheim since the election in september clearly shows the direction the SPD wants to go in. Young, dynamic, dare something new. "I am a "convincer", says anna roser of herself. For years, she was not political at all. "But the more I looked into it, the more I realized that I wanted to play a part in shaping it."

Together with leo goksu, she became a member of the local executive committee of the SPD forchheim. Roser is 33 years old, goksu 40. "We are a good team, he is structured, I am creative", says anna roser and reports on the plans for the new dual leadership. "We have set up the SPD burghers’ office because we want to enter into even more dialogue with the burghers, also in person, as soon as the pandemic allows it." That’s why she feels so comfortable in the SPD, says the 33-year-old. The cohesion among the comrades is very rough and also discussions within the party are gladly seen. "I joined the SPD because I wanted to be active instead of just mucking about", says roser and at the same time invites "anyone who wants to get involved is welcome to come and try it out with us."

"Adios SPD"

Because the SPD in forchheim is no longer the party it once was, two old SPD warhorses from forchheim left in 2019. Albert dorn and reinhold otzelberger announced their resignation from the city council faction in january 2019.

At the time, there were many accusations: reinhold otzelberger’s points were a style of leadership that excluded others and a lack of transparency. Albert dorn, who was a member of the city council for the SPD for 46 years, joined otzelberger.

He also criticized the way the party dealt with each other.

The forchheim SPD, in the person of reiner buttner, stressed that these accusations were not true. The differing positions and harsh words, however, suggest that the gap between the "old guard" and the "new guard" is still wide in the forchheim SPD and the new generation around uwe kirschstein had become too deep.

The SPD also commented on the departure of the two cornerstones of the building. One had noticed that they did not want to go with the structural change in the SPD in forchheim. But they are convinced that the changes are necessary for the group.

Reinhold otzelberger is now a member of the city council for the CSU, albert dorn had joined the fraktion der freien wahler, but was no longer elected to the city council in the 2020 municipal election.

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