Heuchelheim will soon have a second access road

Heuchelheim will soon have a second access road

The second section of the aschbach bypass from the traffic circle in the direction of schlusselfeld is apparently imminent. Nothing stands in the way of construction starting in summer 2013, interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU) recently wrote to state parliament member heinrich rudrof (CSU).

The construction of the state road will also fulfill a wish of the people of heuchelheim. With their request for a second eastern connection of the village to the new state road, the people of heuchelheim had turned to rudrof and were not disappointed. For the time being there should be only one access road from the traffic circle to heuchelheim.

The original plan was then changed and a second driveway for heuchelheim was added.

"If everything goes according to plan, we will be able to open the new road north of heuchelheim to traffic this year", the minister writes in his letter to rudrof.

The town is very pleased that the trench construction is now going ahead, according to schlusselfeld’s manager georg obermayer. However, the city will have to contribute to the cost of the crossing for the second access road and in the future will have to pay for the maintenance of the road, which will then be graded as a municipal road.
An important argument for the construction of the new section of state road 2260 is that it will eliminate the accident black spot in the curve near heuchelheim.

The first construction phase of the bypass up to the traffic circle was already completed in august 2012 and has since relieved aschbach of through traffic.

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