Germany takes in at least 182 threatened afghans

Germany takes in at least 182 threatened Afghans

"I think that’s only fair and that’s only decent," said acting federal interior minister hans-peter friedrich (CSU) on tuesday in berlin. The local forces, who among other things work as translators for the german armed forces, fear acts of revenge by the taliban after the end of the nato combat mission.

Initially, only 23 "directly threatened" afghans had been offered the chance to leave for germany. The criteria were expanded at the beginning of the month, so that now 159 "latently threatened" local forces were also allowed to enter germany. Some more cases are still being examined. According to the federal ministry of the interior, a total of 300 afghans have turned to their services with security concerns.

Friedrich said the process had been de-bureaucratized. It’s about "those who have helped us in afghanistan, all those who have been by our side there over the last few years.". The interpreters are considered particularly dangerous because they were visibly working for the federal armed forces or the federal police. But it is expected that not all local forces will make use of the offer to leave.

Nato combat mission expires at the end of 2014. After that, there is to be a smaller follow-up mission to train afghan security forces, in which germany plans to participate with up to 800 soldiers. At present, almost 3700 german soldiers are still deployed as part of the nato-led isaf protection force.

Bavaria’s interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU) spoke out in favor of accepting threatened local forces into germany more quickly and without complications. He told the "munchner merkur" (wednesday) that there are regular death programs of the taliban against local forces of the german armed forces. "Here we are challenged."

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