Further kicking with kickers-sg

Further kicking with kickers-sg

The youth of the second division soccer team greuther furth were guests at TSV neudrossenfeld for a family afternoon on the weekend. The meeting for boys and girls up to the age of 13 who are enthusiastic about soccer was held there for the first time. But not for the last time, the organizers of both clubs agree. Further partnership projects are already planned.
Highlights of the event were the guest games of the E- and F-youth of spvgg greuther furth against the newly founded kickers-SG, which besides TSV neudrossenfeld also includes TSV trebgast and TSV harsdorf. The young players of spvgg greuther furth showed a combination ball worth seeing.
E-youth coach jurgen lattacher reveals why: "we train three times a week. Two team training sessions and one individual training session, where a lot of emphasis is placed on technique and the basics such as passing, playing and stopping. Our boys are highly disciplined and always attentive. Interpersonal relations and respect for older people are also very important to us."

Expanding the partnership

TSV chairman gerald weinrich was satisfied with the action: "our people put in a lot of effort, both in setting up the game stations and in tasting the food. Everyone had their "spab, he says.
Weinrich had also talked to those responsible for the further and planned further joint projects: "we will once or twice again provide the children at a home game of the greuther furth bundesliga team and send our youth coaches to furth to observe there." He also wants to make contact with the junior sports center to plan joint tournaments. Weinrich is enthusiastic about the partnership: "it’s quite an experience when we get to see the future professionals."
For the chairman of the kickers-SG, hans weib, it was also a successful afternoon: "the spectators got to see many goals. But the children of our SG held up very well and everyone had a great time. Our kids were very proud to play against spvgg greuther furth.


I was also very pleased with the friendly relationship that developed between the children, the supervisors and the officials of the bundesliga team."

Gate wall and can pushing

Not only did the youngsters enjoy the youth games, they also had fun at the individual stations. There were, among other things, goalmouth scrambles, free kicks and penalty kicks. The latter was played by TSV neudrossenfeld’s state league keeper tobias gruner.
Seven-year-old julian mayer from SV mistelgau particularly enjoyed the goal wall shooting, while nine-year-old konrad mayer from TSC mainleus preferred to shoot one free kick after the other. With margarete weib, a girl was also present at the family afternoon. She particularly enjoyed pushing cans. 50 children took part in the course competition with goal wall pushing, eleven-meter pushing, ball holding, dribbling and shot strength test. The best result was achieved by felix seidler from the host kickers-SG, who scored 47 points.

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