Frauke petry resigns from the afd – husband pretzell follows her

Frauke petry resigns from the afd - husband pretzell follows her

Party leader frauke petry to leave the afd. "It is clear that this step will be taken", she said on tuesday in dresden, but without naming an exact time. Also the question whether she wanted to found a new party, she loved unanswered.

She had already resigned from her post as party leader in the saxon state parliament, together with parliamentary managing director uwe wurlitzer and deputy party leader kirsten muster. With "expiration of today" all three also resigned from the parliamentary group, but continued to retain their mandates as individual deputies, it was said.

The reason given was fundamental differences of opinion with parts of the party, which made it impossible for them to continue their work in the parliamentary group. After her election to the bundestag, petry had already announced in berlin on monday that she would not be joining the afd faction there either. The 42-year-old had won a direct mandate in saxony in the federal election on sunday.

On monday, she announced she would not join the new afd parliamentary group. Afterwards she held a joint press conference with the top candidates alice weidel and alexander gauland. Weidel had then called on petry to resign as party chair and leave the afd.

Afd executive committee member andre poggenburg said this was the only way petry could "avoid a motion to expel him from the party". Afd chairman jorg meuthen also suggested that she leave the party.

First of all, petry wants to be a "non-attached member of the bundestag" work. She did not say on monday whether she is aiming to form her own parliamentary group or parliamentary party.

Meanwhile, the afd leader in north rhine-westphalia, marcus pretzell, has also announced that he will be leaving his party and parliamentary group. Pretzell, who also heads the parliamentary group, announced this step for its next meeting, said afd parliamentary group spokesman michael schwarzer in dusseldorf on tuesday.

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