First lecture at the future kulmbach campus

First lecture at the future kulmbach campus

The first knowledge to be imparted on the planned campus in kulmbach will be various forms of therapy for weight reduction. Around 30 students found their way to the former administration villa of the kulmbach spinning mill despite the wintry weather conditions. The interest in the subject seems to be great, as can be seen from the many interjections and questions from the students.

Within the framework of the master’s degree program in food and health sciences the university of bayreuth is holding a two-day block seminar this weekend. So this can be seen as the first university event at the campus kulmbach. Gitta hentschel is a certified nutritionist. As a guest lecturer, she will be teaching the master’s students on fridays primarily about the correct forms of nutrition for obesity or diseases such as diabetes.

"The course of studies has a rough proximity to the new faculty, therefore it has offered itself to organize this seminar in kulmbach", says elisabeth schorling, research associate at the institute for medical management and health sciences at the university of bayreuth. For the two days she is with on site and direct contact for the organizational.

Starting in the fall of 2020, around 1,000 people are expected to attend the new seventh faculty, which will be called "food, nutrition and health" study on the spot.

The old administration villa is to serve as one of the spaces for research and teaching for the time being, until the new campus to be built can be completed. "We are well on schedule and are confident that the first students will start in kulmbach in 2020.", said the president of the university, stefan leible, in a press interview at the end of last year.

So far, executive director matthias kaiser and foundation dean stephan clemens have moved into their buror rooms in the administration villa. According to elisabeth schorling, the managing director will be primarily concerned with the planning of the faculty and the development of new courses of study in the coming period.According to plans, interested students will then be able to start the bachelor’s degree program in food and health sciences in the winter semester of 2020, and the master’s program "food quality and safety study. About 22 professorships are to be advertised for this purpose.

Kulmbach captivates with its connection to industry, says schorling about the choice of kulmbach as a location. With the raps and ireks companies, as well as the center of excellence for nutrition and the max rubner institute, the city can indeed boast important companies from the food and nutrition sector.

Whether there will be more seminars at the university in the foreseeable future remains to be seen.

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