Evi naher from schmolz has her own soap factory

Evi naher from schmolz has her own soap factory

If you ask evi naher what she does for a living, she says: she makes soap. What began as an experiment has long since become a passion and a profession for her.

"I remember exactly how it all began. My husband and my son were on vacation, I was alone. And then I saw at a friend's house that you can make your own soap", tells evi naher. And after her first attempt at making fragrant soaps from oils and fats, she was bitten by the soap bug. "Yes, making soap is dangerous. I've been bitten by the soap bug", evi naher says with a laugh and openly admits that she has been addicted to the soap virus since 2009. Because in the meantime she has her own small soap manufactory.

Every recipe is registered
Every two weeks she produces her soaps and bath additives. Strictly according to EU guidelines. "Every recipe is officially registered with the EU. You need a safety assessment for every single ingredient and you also get controls. That's what the food inspectors do, explains evi naher.

Starting point for their soaps are different fats and oils. Then liquids such as beer, milk, coconut milk or even teas are made from distilled water. Sodium hydroxide is responsible for the actual saponification process. The lye is then carefully poured into the warm oil. Then the chemical reaction starts immediately. "I always use a purifying rod for stirring", says evi naher.

Filled with form
"After five to ten minutes, the soap is filled into the molds", explains evi naher. "I use cake pans, muffin tins or other small molds. Everything that already looks", says evi naher and shows already finished soaps. The classics are of course soaps that are cut into slices and look like a piece of cake. But evi naher also prepares natural soaps in muffin shapes or soaps with motifs. And for especially good friends she sometimes makes a whole soap cake.

When the soaps are created, heat is released. "The molds must withstand seventy to eighty degrees, because that's how hot it gets during soap making. But this is not a problem, because I use silicone baking pans", explains evi naher. She has her own personal soap favorites: soap without fragrance. "The fragrance also contains allergens," explains, explains evi naher. She even has her own soap for washing hair: with nettle.

At the moment it is a boom time
Many soaps are enriched with yogurt, curd or coconut milk. Sometimes evi adds herbs close by. And the natural colors or marbling are created by mixing in medicinal charcoal, pink clay or brown healing clay.

Soap with marigolds and carrots looks very orange. "I also have vegan soaps. I make them with coconut milk with banana, for example.", declares evi naher. "Making soap is really a quest. And I do everything myself – including the labels and packaging," says evi naher, explains naher.

Currently evi naher is booming on markets. "But there is really no season for soaps", says evi naher. Because soaps are bought all year round – in winter and before christmas as well as in summer.

And the soaps that will be on the table for christmas have been made months ago anyway. "Soaps must be matured. At least two months", explains evi naher. But soaps become most gentle when they are half a year old. "Then they already feel. However, they become a little lighter", explains the expert. The difference between her homemade soaps and some industrial soaps is obvious. Because the homemade soaps do not degrease the skin so much. "But homemade soaps do not last indefinitely. Because of course the unsaponified oils can go rancid", explains evi naher.

The history of soap
Evi naher is so fascinated by soap making that she has also looked into its history. Even the ancient assyrians knew soap, and the first evidence that people used soap can be found on clay tablets written in cuneiform.

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