Eu budget dispute: weber sharply criticizes hungary and poland

Eu budget dispute: weber sharply criticizes hungary and poland

After threatening to veto the recently agreed EU budget package, CSU member of the european parliament manfred weber is sharply critical of hungary and poland.

The threat is "a bit hollow", said the group leader of the european people's party (EPP) on bavarian radio on friday. "Now it's a matter of keeping our nerve."European minister of state michael roth (SPD) also warned against a blockade. Hungary in particular has openly threatened to do so.

The budget package includes around 1.1 billion euros for the next seven years plus an additional 750 billion euros in corona economic aid. Hungary and poland oppose a new clause that would allow EU funds to be cut in the event of certain violations of the rule of law. Both countries could be affected.

Minister of state roth rejects concerns from hungary and poland on rbb-inforadio. "At least since the european summit in july, it has been clear that there is such a rule of law mechanism," he said. A compromise with the EU parliament is now on the table.

Weber told BR: "we want to make sure that in the future the money citizens provide through their taxes is tied to these legal principles. And we will not back down." It is not yet certain whether hungary and poland will really be able to use their
veto, weber added. "The two countries can flex their muscles a bit now, but at the end of the day they need the EU money."

Hungary and poland have a lever in their hands, as the budget's financing basis has to be unanimously agreed by the 27 eu countries and then ratified in the states. If this does not happen, the 750 billion program of corona aid will also be blocked. This in turn could hit countries like italy or spain hard during the economic crisis.

EU countries expected to vote next week. Should a blockade occur, the heads of state and government were allowed to discuss the issue at a video conference on thursday.

Both hungary's head of government viktor orban and his polish counterpart mateusz morawiecki have written to the eu commission, the brussels authority confirmed on friday. Both complain that the rule of law mechanism is not in line with what the heads of state and government agreed in july and is unacceptable.

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