“Babble” startles secret service

Two insults, money forgery and one drunken driving offense. A 35-year-old man from bamberg narrowly escapes a long prison sentence at the bamberg district court. He is saved only by his search and a deal of all parties involved, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the process. After all, it was about the disturbance of public peace through the threat of criminal acts, in short bomb threats.

The commotion at the U.S. Embassy in berlin in the early morning hours of that 3. June is rough. A man named "jesus" has just been with underprinted number in the consulate general in frankfurt am main called. Through a pipe he comes out in the central office on the river spree. Through the horer can be heard terrible threats. "I am accused by german government. I have to go to america. If you don't help me, I'll blow up the police station."

Authorities on the alert

On later calls, the male voice, who even gives his real name, also threatens to bomb a daycare center. The german embassy in washington is also ringing the bell. There is supposed to be an explosive device here as well. When asked how he wanted to get there from bamberg, he replied: "do you think I don't have any connections?? I have weapons, I have drugs, I have everything".

Immediately the security checks take place. American secret service, berlin state criminal police, bamberg federal police, they are all on alert. Since he names bamberg, german and american authorities assume that he is planning an attack there. There will be temporary protective custody hearings. "They are tying up forces that are needed elsewhere", the presiding judge matthias bachmann argued. He had kept the services busy for three days with the ill-considered action.

Fortunately nothing happened. Which could be due to the fact that the caller is under the influence of more than ten beers and two bottles of vodka, which he has poured into himself in a short time. Over three promille are the consequence. "That was stupid talk. I don't know what I was thinking".

Alcohol and drug problems

As the forensic psychiatrist christoph mattern from bayreuth explained, it could have to do not only with alcohol and drug problems, but also with the dissocial personality disorder. In any case, the expert assumes that the person's ability to control the system has been suspended. So that the defendant does not get off scot-free, there is the catch-all offense of negligent intoxication.

As it turns out in the course of the investigation, the accused actually has a trial for insulting two police officers in a pizzeria in bamberg at the district court of bamberg the day after the threatening phone calls. Apparently he wants to join his father in the united states at short notice and needs a visa. In view of the meter-long criminal record, which judge bachmann does not read out in full due to time constraints, this is no surprise. There are crimes against property, probably procurement crimes such as theft and fraud, damage to property and computer fraud.

And there are violent offenses apparently related to the consequences of drug abuse: trespassing, assault, threatening and insulting, and last but not least dangerous and intentional bodily harm. That is why it is so difficult for prosecutor johannes bartsch to agree to a custodial sentence nevertheless. "I'm only doing this because I hope for a complete turnaround in your life".

When on 4. June the defendant's apartment was searched, the police found 20 false ten-euro bills. He ordered it from a mail order company in china to use it for monopoly, according to the defendant. What no one in the hall wanted to believe him. Since that day, the defendant has been in custody in the bayreuth correctional facility. He can leave it now. Four years is the time during which the accused must remain unpunished with the support of a preservation aide.

Tight constraints

At the suggestion of the two defenders maximilian glabasnia and jorg handler, tight conditions and instructions are imposed. So they were able to avoid a new prison sentence. This includes: a permanent residence of the defendant with his fiancee in the district of bayreuth; the completion of several months of inpatient therapy; subsequent efforts to become gainfully employed; and the prohibition of the possession and consumption of alcohol, drugs and similar substances. This will also be checked in urine, hair and blood tests. So that the whole thing does not happen again.

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