Authorities exonerate hsv pro jatta: passport genuine

authorities exonerate hsv pro jatta: passport genuine

In the turmoil surrounding bakery jatta from hamburger SV, there are signs of a possible turnaround. Two days before the cup match of the fubball-second league team the doubts about the identity of the offensive player have decreased.

The bremen interior department informed the "hamburger abendblatt" about details of jatta’s entry into the country. The gambian arrived in germany in the summer of 2015 without a valid passport. After that he is said to have applied for a passport in his home country, which was sent to germany by mail. This bears the date of issue 27. January 2016.

The authenticity of the document, which also states jatta’s date of birth (6. June 1998) is confirmed, according to the "abendblatt" has been checked by the bremen migration office. The honorary consulate general of the republic of gambia in poland has confirmed the issuance of the new passport at the request of the migration office, said the spokeswoman of the interior department. A mistake is therefore considered unlikely. Doubts about jatta’s identity were reported last wednesday by the "sport bild" newspaper.

The representation of the fubballer is truncated by the documents of the world federation. FIFA introduces a so-called transfer-registration-system (TMS). As the "bild" newspaper learned, jatta has been listed in the documents for five years. Before fleeing from gambia, he is said to have played for first division club brikama united in his home country. There he was appointed by the 1. February 2014 until 30. June 2016 officially listed as bakery jatta. The name bakary daffeh, which is associated with him, appears in the FIFA system until november 2013. Daffeh also played for brikama united. After that he will no longer be a FIFA player.

The DFL explained on request that the identity of jatta has been confirmed by the football federation in gambia. Thereupon the release had been given to him and the player passport had been issued. However, jatta’s sporting past clashes with his statements to media representatives. When he signed the contract in hamburg, he told them that he had never played football in a club before and that he was a real strabenkicker. However, the DFL and HSV were aware of the professional’s sporting past.

Coach dieter hecking will be pleased to hear the new details. The reports about the aubenbahn player came a few days before the DFB cup match on sunday (18.30 o’clock/sky) at third division team chemnitzer FC. Jatta is part of the squad. "We will of course take him with us. There is no reason to let him stay here," said hecking.

The trainer criticized the hectic rush that had developed around the topic. "At the end of the day, you have to wait for the evidence," he said. It is a general problem that people think they have to chase sensations. "For me the presumption of innocence pays," said hecking.

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