Appraisal for house waldenfels will be on 29. July expected

appraisal for house waldenfels will be on 29. July expected

Many topics were taken up by the city council in their youngest meeting on tuesday evening. The waldenfels house was there, too, of course. "I've seen that now there are also measuring points in the ernst-putz-strabe", said birgit poeck-kleinhenz (PWG). "Is there anything new?"

"Everyone is waiting for the next report", answered mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU), who is also a member of the board of trustees of the carl von heb'sche social foundation. The foundation wants to build a residential complex for seniors and the disabled in ernst- putz-strabe. But the slope from which the construction workers had removed rough parts had started to move. Various experts are now examining the construction site – and the damage that has already been done to the hartstrabe and the houses of some residents. The results are to be announced on 29. July available.

Filling the cracks with concrete
"We have filled the cracks in the hard road with concrete", reports kammerer leo romeis. And meyerdierks adds that they naturally also want to know whether the slope is still moving. In the meantime, the city has brought in its own lawyer for advice. However, orders for further expert opinions have not yet been given, said romeis in response to a question from the saale newspaper.

Residents are also waiting for the 29. July. "We have commissioned a private expert and a geologist", says josef werner, one of the affected owners of the company. The houses are now supplied with drinking water via an above-ground pipe. The municipal utilities had decided to take this precautionary measure because no one knows how the supply lines under the road will react if the slope continues to move.

Cemetery wall to be renovated
Another topic in the city council was the renovation of the auben wall at the old cemetery. After the first section of the wall was rebuilt last year, the rates awarded the next section to the company "frenzel&" schmitt" from oberleichtersbach. They had with approximately 22.The most favorable offer was made for a price of EUR 000. The last stucco is to be renovated next year.

Councilman jurgen pfister (PWG) inquired about the redesign of the urn graves and the flyer informing the public about the new urn graves burial forms are to be informed. "A wall of urns is already finished, reported meyerdierks. The flyer is being created and the tree burial area has already been laid out. "On 24. July the women's union organizes an information evening on the old cemetery", announced meyerdierks.

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