Afd cancels nrw party conference: event in danger

Afd cancels nrw party conference: event in danger

North rhine-westphalia afd cancels state party conference planned for this weekend. At the meeting in wiehl near koln, among other things, a successor was to be elected for the ex-state chairman marcus pretzell, who had left the party.

The afd justified the cancellation with safety concerns. There had been "massive and militant threats against the participants and guests of the party conference".

But from the police’s point of view, the two-day party conference was "at no time endangered". They had "comprehensively prepared for the operation and taken various scenarios into account in the conception of the operation, which ensured that the planned events could be carried out," she said. For saturday and sunday various alliances had announced demonstrations with up to 1500 participants.

The afd regional chairman martin renner said that there were indications that "the black block or aggressive antifa groups" were able to mingle with registered demonstrations. The roads from the parking lot to the conference hall were quite long. The party is worried about not being able to protect delegates, members and guests. This was not a distrust of the police, with whom they had cooperated well.

The divided NRW afd, with a good 4,500 members the strongest state association of the right-wing populist party, wanted to regroup in wiehl after the resignation of several board members. Former co-chairman pretzell and ex-treasurer frank neppe had left the afd.

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