1000 Years of zeil – gift of a millennium

1000 years of zeil - gift of a millennium

If there’s one place to celebrate a town anniversary, it’s in the old town of zeil. Historic buildings, half-timbered houses and cobbled streets provided a fitting backdrop for a festival that not only attracted attention from zeil, but also from the neighboring communities and even the free state of bavaria. Thousands of visitors came, although the weather on saturday was not quite cooperating.

The bavarian minister of justice winfried bausback (CSU) came to the 1000-year celebration with numerous activities, exhibitions, music, demonstrations and special offers for all age groups, spread over the old town and adjacent streets. He attended the official opening on saturday afternoon and then went on a tour with mayor thomas stadelmann (SPD) and district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU), which made it clear that history comes alive here. A city is proud of its 1000 years, which, however, did not only bring joyful events to the burghers, but also difficult times.

Bausback praised zeil as a "beautiful city". He congratulated the people on the 1000 years and what they have made of their community in about 40 generations. "It is a great celebration to be able to celebrate 1000 years", said the 52-year-old state politician from aschaffenburg. "Zeil is a home."

Home is an important concept in this context. Emperor heinrich II. Knew 1000 years ago obviously what is good for a city. He wished: "may zeil grow and prosper and always be and remain a place that is home to those who live there, a refuge for the mute, refreshment for the thirsty and a good host for the stranger. So in 1000 years we may look back on this day and say: ,yes, all that was, is and will be zeil and will remain so forever.’"

Whether these sentences were really said in this way is rather unlikely. This statement formed the closing remark in a stage play that was performed on saturday and sunday on the stage in the market square for the official opening of the festival celebrating the city’s 1000th anniversary. The foundation of the town in 1018 was reenacted here. As for the content: the core statements zeil was sure to take up.

The small scene was played by emperor heinrich (city councilor harald kuhn), bishop eberhard of bamberg (pastor michael erhart) and the abbot of the michelsberg monastery in bamberg (burgermeister thomas stadelmann). He took a "sealed letter" with him from the hands of the bishop of bamberg and the emperor, after which the "cent zilin" (zeil) is to pass into the possession of the monastery michelsberg – this is the foundation of the town zeil 1018.

The city anniversary 1000 years zeil was celebrated on saturday and sunday with a rough festival in the old town and surrounding streets. Historical walks and activities dominated the streets and squares and the many courtyards that had been opened by private individuals. The visitors, who came in thousands (especially on a sunny sunday), were able to learn about various topics. The history of agriculture played a role as well as the development of the stone industry, in which zeil played a special role. And here comes bamberg into play again, because even today sandstone from zeil is used for the renovation of the cathedral. Bamberg was represented with a replica of a treadle crane, as it was used in earlier centuries to bring loads – such as the stones – to the high.

And next to the crane, at the stand of the traditional stonecutters from zeil, especially the children tried out whether they could handle the claw and work a stone with it. Like seven-year-old lorenzo, whose family is rooted in the stone industry.

Broom maker kerstin weber showed her art as well as hand weaver hans merkel, basket maker stefan rippstein and blacksmith fred schmalz. "Cheerful to folky made old music, the fanfare and marching band of hofheim blew into the instruments – as did the heimatkapelle ziegelanger and the town band of zeil. "There are many things to see", mayor thomas stadelmann had promised at the start of the event. He kept his word.

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