Youth assume “enormous responsibility” in the fire departments

The district’s youth fire departments looked back on a wide range of activities at the delegates’ meeting in the fire department council building in lichtenfels. The board members were unanimously confirmed in their positions.

Second mayor sabine riebner praised the outstanding youth work of the fire departments in the entire district. The young people in the fire brigades "already took on an enormous responsibility".

District youth officer and district fire chief tino schamberger presented the balance sheet of the past year: in the 45 active youth fire departments of the district, 326 young people were paid (previous year: 320). Of these, 218 (219) were boys and 108 (101) girls.

For the area of the fire-brigade-technical training 2934 hours, for general youth work 1426 hours had been voluntarily performed, so schamberger. The additional time spent by the youth workers amounted to 4224 hours. The young people had demonstrated their skills at numerous events. The high point was once again the district youth firefighters’ day with the youth performance march in burgkunstadt. Here, however, only 24 groups had participated. Schamberger encouraged the youth leaders to register more groups in the future.

The four best groups had qualified for the district performance march in burgkunstadt and achieved good placements there. Instead of an excursion, a day was spent together at the banz forest climbing garden. But only twelve youth fire departments have accepted the invitation. The young people who were there had had a lot of fun. The same applies to the annual torchlight hike from neuensee to the high asslitz.

The boys and girls had demonstrated their firefighting skills at a youth firefighting exercise in hochstadt. Around 150 participants from all over the district had performed excellently in training scenarios ranging from a room fire to a traffic accident, praised the youth officer. For the current year, actions of the youth fire departments are planned again on the district level. Among other things, they wanted to start a photo competition.

The young people had taken many exams and tests in the past year, said the head of the "competitions" department, roland dauer. According to him, 26 participants took the bavarian youth performance test, 195 passed the knowledge test, and ten the "jugendflamme" in different stages. The 29. District youth firefighters’ day with youth performance march takes place on 13. September in lichtenfels.

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