Wobbly wooden bridge in wiesenttal needs to be replaced

Wobbly wooden bridge in wiesenttal needs to be replaced

You don’t feel quite right when you cross the bridge over the wiesent between wohr and haag. It is not to be overlooked that the wooden construction has its best time already behind itself. The market town council of wiesenttal has now cleared the way for a new building – after two years of discussion.

It will no longer be a timber bridge, because wiesenttal will only receive grants if the tonnage is no longer limited (previously five tons). 80.000 euros was the cost of a non-requested wooden bridge renovation, calculated mayor helmut taut (W) and other construction experts in the council. The market hopes to be able to cope with the sum – as its own share of 15 percent for the new building.

In haag there is a farmer and a smithy. You need a proper access, also for heavy vehicles. And the fire department should also be able to get through without any restrictions. The bridge between streitberg and niederfellendorf proves that a wooden construction has its pitfalls. It was built for one million euros, according to taut, in 1996 and is already in need of renovation.

Does it need a center pillar?

"We should not get involved in a wobble, but landscape the bridge", konrad rosenzweig (CSU) summarized the opinion of his council colleagues. Against one vote, the council decided to build a reinforced concrete bridge with a wooden gelander.

Whether it needs a central pillar is for the planner to decide.

Neighborhood manager

Neighborhood manager is unusual for a municipality with 22 villages. District manager had to do better in wiesenttal, admits romy erlwein of the district office forchheim. The expert for senior planning familiarized the people of wiesenthal with the demographic changes in the next ten years.

The group of over-64s will increase significantly – from among the native population. Wiesenttal already has one of the highest age averages of the district municipalities. But this is due to the two senior citizens’ homes in streitberg and muggendorf, which have around 140 residents.
Seniors outside the homes are taken care of by the seniors’ representative ingrid hilfenhaus.

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