Un-experts call out germany over human rights

Un-experts call out germany over human rights

A "high level of violence experienced by migrant women, especially those of turkic and russian origin," is a particular concern, according to a UN report released in geneva on thursday. Despite generally good marks for the human rights situation in germany, there are still deficits – including the deportation of asylum seekers and the lack of integration of sinti and roma.

The government and authorities of the federal republic of germany had done a lot to combat violence against women, the 18 experts of the UN human rights committee declared in their regular report on germany. However, the previous m acceptances were not enough. Federal and state governments should intensify their cooperation in this area.

Above all, protective measures for women of turkish and russian origin had to be strengthened. The report does not give any concrete reasons for the investigation. However, the UN committee’s conclusions are based on detailed information provided by the federal government on numerous aspects of the human rights situation in germany. UN member states regularly submit such reports to the committee.

The UN experts also criticize the fact that the proportion of women in management positions in the private sector in germany is still low. They are also concerned that there continues to be a salary gap between men and women. The federal government should "significantly strengthen its efforts to require women to hold leadership positions in the private sector.".

Regarding the treatment of asylum seekers, he says that germany should in principle make it possible to suspend their deportation even to those countries that have signed up to the dublin agreement. It stipulates that the EU country responsible for asylum procedures is the one in which an applicant arrives and first sets foot on european union soil. This is specifically criticized by the UN experts in the case of greece. Germany should declare if it will demand the stop of deportation to greece next year.

In addition, the federal republic should ensure that no asylum seekers – even if suspected of terrorism – are deported to countries where torture is practiced. To seek diplomatic assurances of decent treatment from such countries of origin could only expose the persons concerned to the risk of inhumane treatment upon return.

The UN human rights committee also calls for greater efforts to integrate sinti and roma people. They must be given better access to education, housing, employment and health care. Experts also see shortcomings in the prosecution and punishment of racially motivated crimes. The federal government must do more to prevent the spread of hate and racist propaganda, especially on the internet.

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