Tourism is an important economic factor in lower franconia

The opportunities and potentials of the lower franconian tourism industry were the topic of a congress of the vbw – vereinigung der bayerischen wirtschaft e. V. In wurzburg.

New records

Wolfgang fieber, chairman of the executive board of the vbw district group for lower franconia, pointed out that tourism is an important economic factor for bavaria and lower franconia: "bavaria continues to be the number one tourist destination in germany and set new records again in 2017: the number of overnight stays grew by 3.7 percent to 94.4 million, the number of guests increased by almost five percent to 37.3 million. 18.5 percent of germany's annual tourism value added is generated in the state of freestate. The industry directly employs 560,000 people in bavaria. Tourism is therefore a strong source of employment and turnover. Lower franconia is also on the road to success: the number of overnight stays again exceeded the six million mark in 2017."
Fieber warned against resting on one's laurels, however, "because the competition for national and international guests is tough. That's why we must continue to strengthen tourism in bavaria and lower franconia and make consistent use of all existing potential". The vbw study "tourism and industry – common success factors" concludes that many of the industry's success factors are transferable to the lodging industry – the anchor sector of the tourism industry.
Heinz stempfle, chairman of the bavarian hotel and restaurant association dehoga bayern e. V., the district of lower franconia, and owner of the westpark hotel in bad kissingen, added: "the situation in the hospitality industry in lower franconia has been gratifying for some years now, with rising numbers of guests and overnight stays. But our industry must not allow itself to be blinded by this and distracted from unchanged problems such as the dying of inns in the region or the nationwide shortage of skilled workers. Our vacation hotel industry must also be prepared for the changes that may occur if the boom in domestic tourism were to slow down again one day as soon as the global situation has calmed down and germany's vacationers return to their traditional vacation destinations
Artur steinmann, president of the french winegrowers association e. V., explained: "the french winegrowers association has already founded in 1994 a round table with different institutions of the region, a think tank, with the purpose to increase and revitalize the quality of the winegrowing region as a whole." 

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