The riedenberg music association is once again training young musicians

the riedenberg music association is once again training young musicians

To make it easier for you to choose the right instrument, the riedenberg music society will be presenting a new instrument on sunday, 13. October, from 2 p.M. All instruments that are used in a music band will be presented at the elementary school. There every interested person can try everything.
As the chairman norbert schneider emphasizes, however, all older youths and adults are invited to drop by ,to start learning a wind or percussion instrument.
"It would be great if a whole clique could get together, even those who have played actively in the past can join in again at any time, or receive a refresher course", says norbert schneider. The three youngest musicians, who have only been playing for a few weeks, will introduce themselves on sunday at 3 p.M.

And show how the training system within the club works.
On sunday there will also be information about the different possibilities of financing instruments as well as training costs and leisure activities, which will be offered outside of the playing operation. Even if the training is perhaps only to begin next year or the year after, or someone is still very undecided whether making music is even a possibility, can inform themselves without obligation. During the information afternoon there will be coffee and cakes; the proceeds will go to the cash box of the brass band youth.

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