The renovation of the mangersreuth organ is completed

The renovation of the mangersreuth organ is completed

The organ bench in the mangersreuth church is almost a second home to richard grob. The organist has sat and played there countless times. But when he sang the chorale "great god, we praise thee" on saturday, the organ was not used the intonation is a very special, moving moment, not only for richard grob.

For five months, the people of mangersreuth had to make do with a small organ. The renovation of the wolf organ, which dates from 1886, is now complete, and in a festive service, pastor bettina weber inaugurates the "new" organ old organ. Richard grob, organist in mangersreuth since 1965, has the task of playing the first notes on the organ. "It makes your heart swell", pastor weber and mayor henry schramm agree., as the first notes of the powerful chorale resound thunderously.

The mangersreuth organ has changed. Inward and outward. The technical equipment is very good now, says church music director ingo hahn, who explains the details of the organ.

15 register
The organ is a two-manual instrument with a pedal. There are still 15 registers. However, the sound of five registers has been changed and restored to its original condition. Like many organs, the one in the mangersreuth church was the victim of "baroqueization" decades ago become. The instruments were changed according to the taste of the times. For example, pipes were canceled in order to achieve higher voices.

In the meantime, people's musical perception has changed again. Today, some stops are perceived as shrill, squeaky and unpleasant. That's why they're switching back from the so-called overtones to the "base tones" for renovations registers back. In mangersreuth, too, the overtone stops were rebuilt in favor of the fundamental stops.

The organ has also been given a completely new prospectus. That means: the side facing the church is completely new.

Several pipes were renewed. The organ now has 912 pipes. The smallest pipe is 10 millimeters coarse, the coarsest 3.80 meters. A special ear candy is the new 16-voice violonbab. "Such a saturated sound, such a classical aesthetic are rare", even the head of the organ building company karl gockel got into the black.

Natural materials
Only natural materials were used for the renovation, gockel explains. The organ builders markus roth and helmut marx helped the mangersreuth organ to get off to a good start.

In his concert after the dedication service, church music director ingo hahn expressed what pastor bettina weber tried to explain: ingo hahn carried the people of mangersreuth off into a world of sound and brought the new facets of the organ to life with a time journey through the centuries, through all countries and through all stylistic epochs. Hahn had chosen, besides a toccata by andreas willscher and an enchanting toccatino by guglielmo lardelli, different versions of johann anton kubrich's G-major piece for the organ's presentation and played the kubrich work not only in the eight-fub register, but also with the flute stop, which can really imitate a flute in an exchangeable real way.

With johann sebastian bach, the church music director showed what could be done with the organ pedals, and made the new "violonbass", the managing director of the organ building company steinmeyer karl gockel also described this as a special event, which he could not wait to hear.

Old pipes against donation
In detailed explanations hahn showed different registrations with scherzi by willscher and played with the new possibilities of the organ. And finally he had some organ extras in store: works from the toggenburg house organ booklet, collected by two organ players in switzerland. With works by bach and from the pen of the english organist collin mawby, he concluded his journey through time and the world of organ music.

Visitors to the concert, which was also presented by the weiher-mangersreuth choir, were able to take home a special souvenir: in exchange for a donation, the old pipes were replaced organ pipes given.

"The new organ is something wonderful, church board member christina flauder was enthusiastic about the new possibilities. And also the mayor of oberburg, henry schramm, who handed over a donation to the church community for the renovation of the organ, was enthusiastic. "In the church people open their hearts. With organ sound it is even easier."

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