The dance steps are learned, the festive dress is perfect

The dance steps are learned, the festive dress is perfect

When the three-day church consecration festival of saturday, 30. September, until monday, 2. October, in the marquee at the schaferswiese rises, then belong beside music, delicious food, sliding booth or autoscooter also french round dance to it. Traditionally, a large number of these are dominated by the members of the local costume association, who show themselves in their magnificent werntal costumes.

The new tradition of dancing kirchweih boys and girls was started in 2006 by some young people from euerbach, so that the festival is also celebrated by the younger generation again. So far, the idea has paid off: this year, for the twelfth time, eight kirchweih couples are taking part in the kirchweih with a french schecher, dreher or zipferle, and a star polka. But they have also included other dances in their repertoire, such as the zillertal wedding march or the north german kruzkonig "because they are figure dances to look at", as steffen brandt explains.

The 31-year-old took over as dance director six years ago from andreas hofmann, the initiator of the new church consecration tradition. With him he was already 2006 with the first kirchweihpaaren thereby. Today, brandt studies the french dances with the second and third generation of boys and girls.

"We are the sixth time there", paid the 24-year-old florian wabra. In 2012, he and several others were approached about participating in the kirchweih through their membership in the local fire department. "The girls were eager to join in", philipp lisson also remembers. "It’s actually mostly the girls who want to be there", steffen brandt has experienced.

This year, too, the kirchweih couples were in need of male offspring.

Without further ado, nicole troster and svenja neuhaus were appointed the first female "schnapps servants" the dancers were appointed to give the dancing couples a sharp boost in the meantime. "We are looking for more young people to join in next year," says the 24-year-old florist, underlines brandt.

For the kirchweih couples the festival traditionally starts on friday evening with the "baumlesausfahren", when the boys put up small trees at the marquee and at the houses of the girls, for which they are entertained by the parents. On saturday and sunday the girls in dirndl and the boys in black and white outfit show their dances. Also on the following sunday, 8. October, they dance at 13.30 o’clock for the harvest festival on schweinfurt’s market square.
The church fair is organized by the vfl euerbach sports club, which can look back on 90 years of tradition. And who says that dancing is not a sport??

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