Stublang in “our village has a future”: what are the chances??

Stublang in 'our village has a future': what are the chances??

Helmut reinhardt, chairman of the fruit and gardening association, calls the participation in the competition "our village has a future" the preservation of tradition. "We’re joining in so we can be part of it", he says.

Whether stublang wins or not is of secondary importance to him: "it’s important to challenge the community through a competition like this." Because activities like the numerous festivals or the annual fruit market bring people together, he says.

Stublang in the top third

With such an intact village life, however, the people of stublang also increase their chances of winning. Because, as berthold girschke from the district administration – one of six jury members – says, it’s not just the beauty of the village that counts in the competition. Community life is also important, the identity of the village.

This is what the doritz river has shaped in stublang. Between march 2017 and october 2018, the stream bank was renovated for 1.8 million euros. The church surroundings were also redesigned.

"This has been a great phase for the next 25 to 50 years", says michael stromer, district technical advisor and head of the commission. "Stublang has won a lot", he says.

The tour that the jury took through the village on monday led from the community center past the kneipp pool, along the doritz to the church. From there, the tour continued through the new construction area back to the community center. Girschke also places the village in the top third of applicants. Much of what matters he sees implemented in an exemplary manner.

It’s all in the mix

The edge of the village to the thorny, for example, is already very well bordered with the coarse trees and is not fraying. Or the church square with the newly planted grass blends in very well. "It is a matter of having the green in the village. Grun also lives", says girschke. But it’s the overall impression that’s important, and it’s all about the feeling.

On the one hand, old buildings and their maintenance are important, but on the other hand, new buildings must also be integrated into the village. The transitions are important. How are the front gardens framed, how do they open up to the street?? Beautiful houses don’t have to be old and have box windows per se.

They can also be modern and simple.

When they return, they show that the competition means more to the people of stublang than just an aesthetic show of strength. Coffee and cake was served. Sitting together and talking.

Helmut reinhardt says that an information board is attached to each of the three bridges over the doritz river. Cause you come along and everyone gets it all. This is how the village community is cultivated.

In total, eleven villages are taking part in the competition at the district level. In addition, the district association for horticulture and landscape conservation runs the district’s own "flower decoration" competition through. Stublang participates in both.

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