Storm causes immense damage in habbergen

storm causes immense damage in habbergen

In the night to sunday, a violent storm passed over the county of habberge. There was immense damage. The most important thing: no people were injured, according to police spokesmen in wurzburg, habfurt and ebern. The regional focus of the storm was between 11 p.M. And 1 a.M. In the habberge district, the police prasidium in wurzburg announced in a summary on sunday. Fire departments, road maintenance, district and municipal building yards as well as the police were in constant use for hours to remove the consequences of the powerful thunderstorms. Fire extinguishers were not necessary, as no lightning strikes were recorded. Also no cellars were full. But there were plenty of covered roofs and fallen trees blocking roads. The storm also caused several accidents.
On two evenings, the air mass boundary appeared to pass directly over the county. While there was a natural spectacle with cloud lightning on friday evening, a violent storm followed late on saturday evening.

Shortly before despair

Police in habfurt paid about 150 calls during the night. On sunday morning, 20 more missions were added. In ebern, the officer on duty was on the verge of despair at midnight: "get off the line, every phone is ringing, message after message is coming in", asked our editor for understanding. Around 40 calls were received by the ebern police department within a few minutes.
The situation was no different at the fire department's alarm center in ebern, where a multi-headed staff led by district fire inspector rudi lubke tried to bring order to the chaos. Around 30 incidents occurred between 11 p.M. And 3 a.M. In the city of ebern and neighboring villages. A focus was the area of herbelsdorf – lichtenstein, where on the kreisstrabe a cab was wedged by falling trees. But no one was injured. Also at the youth campsite near reutersbrunn, where a beech tree fell on a tent, but there were no children in it.

One call after another

Firefighters throughout the county had their hands full. According to the district fire chief ralf dressel, about 70 fire departments had to be called out to operations. Thus, about 600 firefighters were involved in the work. The first emergency calls were received shortly after 11 p.M. "Then came one call after the other", explained dressel, who coordinated the operations at the post-alarm station in habfurt until late into the night. Coarse water was not the problem this time, but rather the strong wind. Many trees or branches had snapped off and fallen onto roads or houses, so that the fire departments were mainly occupied with clearing the paths again. Several roofs were also partially covered, such as that of the pilgrimage church in limbach. The most serious damage occurred here between the tower and the connection to the church nave. Probably the storm gusts had caught there and torn out coarser parts of tiles, the emergency forces on the spot suspected. In total, about 50 square meters of destroyed roof are currently exposed to wind and weather and urgently need to be repaired so that the water and wet do not attack the ceiling and masonry. That's why the limbach and eltmann fire departments were on site on sunday morning to clarify further measures with the operations management and mayor michael ziegler.

Tarpaulins on the roof

With the help of the turntable ladder of the fire department ebelsbach they finally made sure that the loose tiles could be cleared from the roof and from the gutters. The technical aid organization habfurt was asked to plan to temporarily protect the roofing and prevent further water penetration until a specialist company can start work. In addition to the church roof, the priests' graves in the cemetery of limbach were also destroyed by falling trees and some branches of the old lime tree in front of the church were also broken off by the gusts of wind.

Rough hole in the roof of the town hall

In knetzgau, the roof of a house was partially covered by the storm and a chimney was threatening to slide off the roof the town hall of konigsberg was also badly affected, where the storm tore a large hole in the roof, so that in the early morning the fire departments from habfurt, konigsberg, the works fire department of the french pipe works and the technical aid organization had to arrive to cover the hole in the roof covering on both sides with emergency plans. Falling bricks had also caused considerable damage to three cars parked in front of the town hall. Mayor erich stubenrauch was also on site early in the morning to personally assist with the cleanup. In his study in the town hall, the rainwater had found a way through the ceiling and caused extensive damage. The pale dam was also a scene of destruction, where a huge chestnut tree behind the pale dam hut was uprooted by the storm, lay across the pale dam lake and also tore an electricity distribution box from its anchorage.

Tree falls

In voccawind a tree fell on a car and took a power line with it. From 23.30 to 5 o'clock the eon mechanics of the team ebern were in action in the area between ebern and seblach. But there were no prolonged power outages. In pfarrweisach, too, a power outage was quickly repaired after damage to a power line.
In the morning, trees still had to be cleared or cleaned from the roads. Several roads remained closed on sunday. For example, the hafnergasse in the ebern town area or the jesserndorf-albersdorf local connection road. "There is still work to be done for the next two days", ebern's building yard manager werner grell was sure of it. On sunday morning, he sent ebern's fire department to fischbach with the turntable ladder, because aste was threatening to fall onto the castle church. There were no fire extinguishers, as no lightning strikes were recorded.
On sunday, no forester was able to give any information about the extent of the damage in the forests of the district. Rk/gg/sn/ks/al/rn/sw

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