Rumors about kronach’s nightlife: it’s already official

rumors about kronach's nightlife: it's already official

When mirco iuliano lets his thoughts wander into the future, he has a clear picture in mind. It puts a smile on his lips. At the tables in his club, people sit comfortably together, sipping a good drop of wine and engaging in conversation. They bring life to the city. And they could unwittingly make a small contribution to changing life itself in kronach.

Iuliano is about to open his club, the members "on the rubble" around the clock makes it possible to meet in the upper town. With a key menu it goes in. The noble beverages are housed in 110 loft rooms in the historic cellar vaults. It is a "new, daring concept", the restaurateur states.

He has taken a risk with this. The implementation required a lot of time, money and manpower (the FT reported). However, the excellent response shows that lateral thinkers like him can enrich kronach. "People are open to new things, he is convinced. "Only this attitude can make a city more modern."

Kronach still has some catching up to do

Without suspecting it, iuliano has become one of the pioneers when it comes to making kronach’s nightlife more attractive. This is exactly the goal that the lucas cranach campus (LCC) has been pursuing from the very beginning. In order to attract many students, not only good learning conditions are needed, but also a broader range of inviting leisure and recreational facilities. This claim was already revealed in an open letter and in discussions with student representatives of the coburg university a few months ago.

But it is precisely in terms of gastronomic diversity that kronach still has some catching up to do. The chairman of the LCC municipal corporation, jurgen baumgartner, is well aware of the fact.

"Since the announcement that kronach would become a university location, a lot has already been achieved. This could be noticed even by harsh critics", he notes. In their work, those responsible also always had the area of gastronomy in mind. There is no lack of high quality in this sector in the cranach city, but kronach could go one better in terms of variety, says baumgartner.

First steps, also from the private side, can already be seen. This is demonstrated by iuliano’s latest project, among others. In addition to interested parties for (sometimes unusual) individual projects, according to baumgartner, even chains and franchise system gastronomy have come knocking in the meantime. "Supply generates demand – I’m convinced of that", he addresses a spiral of events that seems to be slowly gaining momentum.

Into the detail he could not go at present yet, since straight "first steps" were done. Neither does baumgartner like to confirm or deny rumors. There are now quite a few of these in kronach. And some of the statements come from quite credible sources. According to this, the interest in a mexican restaurant in the upper town is apparently just as confirmed as the opening of a new bar.

There are also rumors about various inquiries for projects from the music gastronomy sector.

The area around hussitenplatz has become a pivotal point in the revitalization of the kronach scene. It has been reported that demolition and reconstruction work is being considered to create a more pleasant ambience. The LCC has bought the gelande. The former endres car dealership will be torn down, as will the old garages.

Thomas kiebling, operator of the crown royal, is involved in the planning and plays a major role in the transformation of the kuhnlenzhof. "The whole place will be made up and much more open", the experienced gastronome is pleased. His spielothek, which is both a bar and a cafe, also gets a new coat of paint from auben.

A club for young and old

Another cafe is to move into kuhnlenzhof 4 – directly in the catchment area of the students for whom a residential building with 250 units is being built on the land. The most striking new feature, however, will be the club that is being built above the crown royal. "This will be a kind of small event center, which will be accessible via a staircase", kiebling explains his plan. In the past, the family of restaurateurs has already held occasional u-30 parties there. In the future there will be live music events and parties for young and old – the organization will be taken over by kiebling’s daughter.

What is important to him: "this will not only be an offer for students, but for all kronach residents." Even dance parties for the older generation were conceivable in the new event center with dance floor. The goal is that the guests of the respective event remain age-mixed among themselves. "We want to pay attention to the age structure of the various parties in order to do justice to every generation."

Kiebling estimates that the renovations to the striking brick building alone will cost 300,000 euros – a financial feat that would not have been possible without the support of the LCC. "They really want to make a difference here."

A city center that pulsates with life both during the day and at night and makes you want to go out and experience something. Kiebling believes in this vision, which looms in the dark night sky of kronach, and appeals to the people of kronach to take advantage of the gastronomic offerings and thus support them. "If we all work together, we can really create a nice place here."

Mirco iuliano believes the same and hopes that more restaurateurs will increase the diversity of kronach’s nightlife. Not least the effects of the corona pandemic have awakened the feeling in him that "people are perhaps a little more sociable and open again" have become. "Maybe others will dare to think outside the box." If not now, when?

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