“How is luck?”

"How does luck work?" The sixth inclusive musical creative project of unfinden songwriter martin scherer, which he developed together with the young protagonists of the lebenshilfe habberge, their support team, non-disabled players and his project choir, deals with an interesting question.

The premiere will take place on friday, 19. July, at 6 p.M. At the "haus des gastes in hofheim. Sunday, 21. July, is "how does gluck" then as guests in the rudolf winkler house in zil". Start is at 17 o'clock; already from 14.30 o'clock the visitors are invited for coffee and cake.

15 new songs

But how does gluck? "The musical participants spoke in many languages about the occasions on which they felt or felt happy", declares scherer. He then came up with the ideas for the 15 new songs in the musical, some of which he wrote individually for the young actors. The great result: non-disabled people sing and act together with the lebenshilfe stars of the musical on the stage.

"The songs are performed with passion and enthusiasm, partly as solos, and invite to think, smile, but also to sing along", says martin scherer. You can tell he's looking forward to two great performances.

Earlier performances

Like "the magic pizza (in 2013) "lorena's eyes" (2014) "we got it" (2015) "tomorrow i want to be king" (2016) "under the sun of the balearic islands" (2017) as well as some "musical-best-off"-concerts in the past year, "wie geht gluck" (2017)?" With the goals of realizing the idea of inclusion, putting the participants with disabilities in the foreground, challenging them in their roles and giving them the opportunity to grow beyond themselves.

Scherer: "it's also important to experience appreciation and great experiences of success that make you feel good."

Since the musical project is mainly financed by donations, admission is free. But further donations are very welcome. 



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